Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why we do not have any branches

We have only one clinic in Mumbai and we treat patients from all over the world. One of our patients who came to us from Bangalore asked us – Why don’t you set up a clinic in Bangalore so more patients can take advantage of your skills and services. It’s expensive and complicated for patients to fly down from Banaglore to Mumbai to your clinic. If you set up a new clinic, you would be able to treat many more patients !

While it's true that setting up a new clinic in a new city will double our income , we have made a conscious decision to not setup another clinic outside Mumbai. This allows us to focus all our energies on taking care of our patients. Patients are also much more comfortable, because they know that they will always find us here ! We provide all the IVF care to our patients on a one on one hands-on basis. We do not have any assistants, and do everything ourselves . While this does limit the number of patients we can see , it also significantly increases the amount of quality time and attention we can devote to each individual patient . This kind of focus allows is to provide concentrated attention to patients with difficult problems , so that we can customise and tailor our protocols to maximise their chances of success.

This allows us to interact closely with our patients . We can engage with them and establish close relationships with them , which is key when providing emotional support to them. We will often form close friendships with our patients, which is gratifying , as we become a part of their family . If we had lots of clinics, we’d forced to be running around from one place to another. If we had to travel, patients would never be sure where to find us. The advantage of a single clinic in Mumbai is that patients know we always accessible and available 24/7, so they don't have to hunt for us ! Patients are also much happier, because they know we take  care of them personally, and that their care will not be fobbed off to some assistant or inexperience junior doctor.

This is one of the reasons we are able to pamper our patients, and this is what gives us such a high success rate !

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