Saturday, September 14, 2013

Be active after an Embryo Transfer

A lot of doctors advise bed rest after an Embryo Transfer - and even if doctors don’t do so , most patients enforce bed rest on themselves. They believe in some weird logic that their embryo might fall out if they are physically active.

The fact is that once your embryos are safe inside your uterus , no amount of physical activity can cause any harm. The problem is to change deeply-imbedded misconceptions in the minds of people. Being an expert in the IVF field, I explain to them that just like you don’t have to rest after having baby-making sex in your bedroom, there is no need to rest after an ET.

Some patients question this logic by saying that sex is natural , while IVF is artificial . I have to counter this argument by explaining to them that their concept is illogical. There is nothing unnatural or artificial about
IVF ! IVF allows us to mimic the same process that happens in the bedroom for fertile couples. Once an embryo reaches the uterus, how can it matter if the embryo was formed in-vitro or in-vivo.  Whether the embryo is transferred into the uterus through the fallopian tubes, or thorough my plastic tube ( the ET catheter), once it's inside the uterus, it is safe and secure.

When women don’t understand this logic, I appeal to their emotions and tell them that they need to trust that God has designed their body properly , so they don’t have to worry about their embryos falling out of the uterus if they cough or sneeze or life heavy weights ! 

Bed-rest can be harmful and actually reduces the chance of a successful IVF , as the lack of activity results in negative thoughts. An idle mind is the devil's workshop, and enforced bed rest just adds needlessly to the stress of IVF.  Physical inactivity is unhealthy and can cause blood clots in the legs; impair digestion; and cause the muscles to become flabby and weak.  It is practically impossible for a young healthy woman to stay in bed all day long. She is bound to get up , and if by any chance the IVF isn’t successful, she gets blamed for not taking enough rest. 

People need to understand that the implantation process is natural , irrespective of whether your embryos were created in-vitro or in-vivo. What you do or eat does not affect this at all. Keeping yourself busy and carrying on with your routine will take your mind off the IVF , and will help you in managing the 2ww.
The best idea is to get back to work after your ET.

Confused as to why your doctor is advising you to rest after your ET ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you better !

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