Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IVF success story at Malpani Clinic

We were married for 3 years without any child. From the first day of our marriage we dreamt for our own baby. Initially we started trying for baby naturally. We guessed something is going wrong and then sought medical help.

Due to our nature of job, we stayed in Gurgaon, Kolkata and Mumbai. Our treatment started in Gurgaon and we consulted two doctors. Then we moved to Kolkata and consulted another doctor. After moving to Mumbai we were in touch with the doctor based in Kolkata but did not get our desired result. In such circumstance, we thought to consult with Dr Malpani.

In Dr Malpani's clinic, we underwent our first IVF cycle. At the end of the process we were counting how many days were left for pregnancy test. At last the day arrived and we could not believe our eyes. Result was positive. Tears rolled into my eyes when I heard heart beat of my baby first time. We silently waited for the big day. At the end we were blessed with a baby girl in the month of July 2013. The moment we hold our daughter for the first time is the most precious moment in our life.

We want to highlight that we came to know about our problem and treatment option clearly in Dr Malpani's clinic. He explained those details to us. And as a result, we became confident and hopeful about our treatment. Whenever we had any doubt, problem or query, we sent email to him. He provided response within 24 hours. We are grateful to him for what he has done for us. May God bless him.

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