Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embryos, embies and babies

Most IVF patients get emotional when they see their own embryos. This is the high point of the IVF treatment, which dramatically shows what modern reproductive technology can offer today . Patients can actually see their own embryos, created with their own eggs and their own sperms. This is tangible evidence that the IVF procedure has worked and that they can get pregnant . When doctors transfer the embryos in to the s uterus, most patients are very excited. They know that their treatment is on the right path , and that they are much closer to their goal of having a baby than they have ever been. Patients are understandably possessive , and many start treating their embryos as their babies.

Unfortunately , the fact is that embryos aren’t babies. While IVF technology is very good at making embryos in-vitro, there is no way to predict which embryo will implant and become a baby. When we handle embryos in the lab, they are in our control , but the moment they are transferred into the uterus, we do not have any control on what will happen after this. In a perfect world, all embryos should implant in the uterus , but the sad truth is that implantation is an inefficient biological process that can’t be controlled by doctors. This is why most embryos don’t become babies - whether they are made in the bedroom or in an IVF lab; whether they are fresh or frozen ; whether they are Grade A or Grade B; whether they are Day 3 or blastocysts; or have been proven to be genetically normal by comprehensive chromosomal screening . Unfortunately, this is a barrier which has not yet been conquered by science. 

When an embryo fails to implant and the pregnancy test comes back as negative, most patients get traumatized . This is the end of their dream and the death of their potential babies. Some patients even treat this as a miscarriage and feel that their uterus is "hostile" or that their body has killed their beautiful embryos. However, the presence of embryos in your uterus does not mean you were pregnant - and if you were not pregnant in the first place, then you cannot suffer a miscarriage. Our reproductive system is not perfect and  even fertile couples struggle to get pregnant . 

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