Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Cost of IVF Treatment

Anything having to do with medicine is getting increasingly expensive, which is why people take out medical insurance. However, health insurance does not cover all treatment - and IVF is usually excluded. For some reason, health insurance companies do not treat infertility as a medical illness, and refuse to cover IVF treatment. The cost of IVF can easily add up to thousands of dollars – and without the help of insurance, few people have that kind of spare money to spend on elective treatment. Nothing makes me sadder than when I see my patients’ hopes of becoming parents destroyed simply because they cannot afford the cost of the procedure.

Why is it that IVF treatments cost so much? As a doctor, I get that question all the time, especially when I have to tell my patient that IVF is their best option for a child, and they tell me frankly that the cost is something they simply cannot afford. This can be very frustrating – for both patients and doctors. Having to turn away a patient who I know can get pregnant if I did IVF for her, but not being able to assist her because she cannot afford the treatment can be heart-breaking.  As a doctor, I really want to help my patients, but I cannot control the cost of the procedure.

IVF is costly because it involves a lot of steps and expensive equipment.  Even though Indian clinics charge a fraction of what US clinics do ( even though we use exactly the same equipment and perform the same procedures ), I wish that IVF was a lot cheaper. This would make both me and my patients very happy , because then I could help everyone get the baby they have always wanted.

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