Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Why we no longer respect doctors

" What's happening now to American physicians is the result of a long-term cultural shift in the way society views you and your role in public life. Physicians, America has demoted you. Previous generations saw you as vital experts offering crucial advice and service to individuals and families, mostly via the private sector. Today, doctors are viewed as anonymous "providers" in a healthcare system that is better understood as a quasi-public utility than as a private industry."

This is equally true in India as well. While patients may still look upto their personal physician, the medical profession is no longer held in the high regard it used to be. Physicians are partly to blame, because we have failed to take a leadership role and have allowed ourselves to be bashed up and bad mouthed.

The tragedy is that all of us will pay the price for this - not just the doctors . When you become a patient you will find it hard to trust your doctor !

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  1. Anonymous1:57 AM

    You cannot trust your doctor. They are greedy individuals who say pay them what they want or go away, suffer and die. I do not believe they issue a sinble medical bill that is accurate; if you check hospital billing you see that hospitals write off 96% of patients billings. Doctors live in a world of lie and thievery, they even have their own patron god, the god or merchants and thieves, Hermies; his symbol is the cadeusius.


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