Monday, October 17, 2011

Feedback from the audience at the Putting Patients First Conference !

The HELP conference on Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First was a big hit !

One of the clever innovations the compere, Mr Rajesh Jain introduced was a mobile application which allowed the audience members to provide comments and feedbacks during the lectures by sending messages ( SMses) using their phones. These messages were then displayed on a screen, and the speakers could reply to these in real time.

The great thing about this clever innovation is that it encourages audience interactivity and participation, using only their personal phones ! No investment in expensive hardware is needed. This is the kind of clever technology which will help to make conferences more meaningful for the audience !

Here is a sampling of some of the SMes we received during the conference.

This kind of feedback allows the audience to engage with the speakers; and will help us to do a better job for our next conference !

I liked the varied information provided. The sessions could be better connected.

The theme of the conference is really great and very relevant. It was nice to get so many people talk on different issues. The time clock and online sms and web cast is a great idea.

I liked the beeper keeping d speaker's time

Good conference. Limit number of speakers

If I have read all the blogs of Drmalpani then do I still need to buy the book:-)

The Mode Of Delivery Of Information Therapy Should Change From Passive To Aggressive and Active. Instead Of Waiting for The Patient To Ask, Institutions Like HELP Should Reach Out.

Right to Information has definitely empowered us largely by an Act of GOI but still it is not a Fundamental Right. Therefore it has limited deterrent effect. Unless this information therapy for patients is made a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT every effort by like minded people striving hard in this direction would be futile.

How patients from rural areas will be benefited from this program

Comment= All pharmaceutical company provides info along with medicines are in a very small letters - people can not read easily without magnifying glass!!!

There is a very thin line between right to information & patients getting depressed by info given to them. Who will decide whether info passed on won’t harm the patients ?

Do we require a healthcare regulator in India?

Many doctors are Information Literacy challenged. How are they going to educate people?

Can't we have central hotline no like 100, 101 where experts will be available to clear the doubts. It cn be advertised to rural n urban parts

Given the extent of illiteracy, lack of resources and load sheds in India, how do u thing info will reach out to the patients.

Using Information therapy to put patients first will require this to be a part of the standard operating procedure ( SOP) to be implemented among doctors and support groups . How can this be done ?

What can be done about information therapy in public hospitals? The high patient load makes it impossible to have a good doctor-patient relationship.

How to address the problem of patients who claim that patient information will scare us.

Our government cannot get the names of terrorist correct on its website. How can we trust it on providing right healthcare information

How does one draw the line between adequate and too much information?

Every doc has his own opinion. For some doctors, a particular medicine works best for a particular disease according to his experience ; and for others, it would be a different one for the same disease..Which opinion should we trust??

When Government spend on health care is a minuscule % of GDP is it important to spend on ensuring basic health care in non urban areas or Information Therapy?

Do Doctors always educate patients with all the alternative methods of treatment clearly informing about the time for the treatment and costs?

Do patients really want to know EVERYTHING about the disease and treatment?

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  1. Or, in a smartphone world, you could have used Twitter....


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