Monday, October 10, 2011

Twins are twice as nice - a success story in Oman !

I am 32 years old and my husband 36 years old. We got married in December 2005. For one year after getting married we didn’t really get a chance to stay together because my husband was working in Oman and I was in Mumbai. I joined him in Oman in 2007 and it’s from then that I had been trying to conceive. We met a few doctors in Oman and also in Mumbai but no one could give a solution to our problem; they just kept prescribing some medicines which did not help us. We were losing patience and could feel a vacuum in our lives, but we kept faith in God and continued to pray. One day my husband came across an article in a health magazine and that’s how we came to know about Dr. Malpani. We emailed our test reports to doctor and were advised to go for ICSI treatment.

My husband and I came to Mumbai in June 2010 and the treatment started, unfortunately it didn’t work for us,it was very depressing but, Dr. Malpani didn’t let us lose hope and we decided to go for a second attempt. The treatment started again in September 2010, by end of the month we were back in Oman and the most awaited day i.e. the day of BHCG test arrived. The test was done and the result was positive, we immediately called doctor to give him this good news and he said that it might be a multiple pregnancy;since the HCG level was on a higher side. The same test had to be repeated twice on alternate days and it was confirmed that it’s a healthy pregnancy and the scan report showed two little hearts beating.

God answered our prayers through Dr. Anirudh and Dr. Anjali and blessed us with the happiness of parenthood. Our twin baby boys are now 5 months old. My husband and I thank Dr. Anirudh and Dr. Anjali from the bottom of our hearts and also the cheerful and friendly staff of their clinic for their prompt and excellent service.


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