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IVF success story for an infertile couple from Africa

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and this is our success story!!! We are a couple from Africa and after 3 years of trying to get pregnant naturally then with a couple rounds of clomid we started to get very sad my husband and I because it was not working. We started some check up and discovered that my husband had a low sperm count it devastated us. We got married in May 2009 and after the wedding i discovered that I was in fact 5 weeks pregnant and i was so happy I did not even notice the pregnancy during the heavy wedding preparation!!!
But I miscarried at 6 weeks . I was devastated again.

In October 2009 we decided to go to New York to have my first IVF done. We went to a very upscale IVF clinic and it cost us a lot of money between treatment, hotels, plane tickets..... My Doctor decided for an ICSI because of the low sperm count of my husband. I had a cyst in my left ovary and we had to wait for it to dissolve it did but my cycle had started already. We finally started treatment and grew only 4 eggs. They transferred 2 (8 cells) 1 (6 cells) and a bad one, but after 10 days of the eggs transfer I had a chemical pregnancy. My level was only 14 then 7 then you know.... I was again devastated and after a couple months I started to think about using a sperm donor for a new IVF . But my husband was not OK with it.

Finally at the end of year 2010 I started to look over the Internet into IVF treatment again but this time in India because I had heard that it was cheaper and a lot of success stories. For me it was ideal too because from Africa it is not too far and I could do some tourist visits. I finally found Dr Malpani's clinic web site and learnt about it for weeks , looking for success stories and comments from other people.

My husband and i finally decided to give it a try before going to a sperm donor and I'm glad we did it. I arrived in Mumbai in January 2011 very late at night and by 2 o'clock in the afternoon I was with Dr Malpani in his office. I booked an hotel nearby is office in a very nice neighbourhood called Colaba just by the sea (a very nice, clean and cheap hotel that I will recommend to you all!!!).

Dr Malpani was very nice and sweet he was so positive about me that he gave me some happiness and I started to believe that it will finally work this time. I had a cyst again and his wife aspired it and from then we started treatment. After 6 days of treatment (you have the choice of coming to the clinic every day for injections or to do it yourself . I did them myself - it was scary at first but I have to say that when you get used to it , it is actually not painful at all) I started to feel so bloated that i looked 5 months pregnant!!! And Dr Anjali told me during a scan your body is responding well to the treatment that is why!! I was so happy!!!! My husband finally arrived for the end of treatment. His sperm count was still low but the embryologist told us it was enough (only need one for one egg, he said).

I grew 25 eggs!!! They retrieved 21 and 12 fertilized!!!! WOW I had even some left for freezing amazing!!!!!

Dr Malpani decided for a 3 days transfer and I wanted to have 4 or 5 embryos transferred lol.... Dr Malpani told me NO No NO and he transferred 3 (8 cells with very good grades ) . They showed me all my little babies on the computer it was amazing and I even got a picture of the ones they transferred into me . I looked at this picture all the time and will put it in my baby album when my baby is born. We froze 9 embryos with very good grade. I saw both the doctors one more time , got all my prescriptions and was off to Africa for the famous 2ww (2 weeks wait).

I had embryos transfer in the afternoon and at 2 am took my 5 hours flight back to Africa. I stayed in India for a total of 3 weeks and my husband 2.

And as you already know it!!! Like most of us I did not wait the 2ww to start POAS (pee on a stick) I started to poas 7days later and I got a very very faint line that only I could see , of course. I started to drive my husband crazy because he could not see anything. I poas everyday and it kept getting darker until the 12 days after embryo transfer , it was definitely a +++ wow......

I got my blood test result and HCG level at 12 days after transfer was 371 wowwwwww and at day 14 was 731 rewowwwwwww!!!!! This time it worked i was thinking of multiple because of the level but no I'm having a healthy big baby and waiting to finally see my baby in a couple days or weeks.....

During the 2ww you have to know that I sent a lot of emails to Dr Malpani with crazy questions (like will the embryos fall out because i had bad coughing and stuff.... about my follow up treatment....and really a lot of question) Dr Malpani always responded to ALL my emails in 24 hours!!!! and still does today.

About the cost!!! I paid exactly what it is advertised for an ICSI on the web site plus the aspiration of the cyst and embryos freezing. There was no hidden cost.

My husband and I can never thank you enough Dr Malpani and Dr Anjali for this miracle. I can't wait to come again in Mumbai next year for a FET (frozen embryo transfer) . It worked the first time with you and I am sure it will again. You gave me faith again.

If some of you want more information please contact Dr Malpani for my email address i will be glad to help you.


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  1. Congratulations, and continued good luck to you and all couples on their IVF journeys. Inherent to this process are inevitable up's and down's. Sometimes the best medicine is a little humor. In this spirit, here is a link to a YouTube humor video I created about my wife and my journey called "What I learned at the Fertility Clinic." Enjoy:

  2. I heard about Dr,Malpani he is a very good doctor in India.. Also am congratulating you for a successful journey...

  3. Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!


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