Saturday, October 08, 2011

Conference on Using Information Therapy to Put Patients First !

Our conference is tomorrow on Sunday, 9 Oct at 10.30 am at Hall of Harmony, Nehru Center, Worli.

So why should you attend ? What makes this conference different ?

1. We have lots of clever speakers , covering many unique points of views. Of the 10 speakers, only 2 are practising doctors , and this highlights the fact that we are approaching this topic with a completely different and new viewpoint !

2. We want this to be a platform where different participants can get together to work for the good of patients ! This can be used to cover many burning issues, including patient rights ; medical ethics; and health literacy. While work has been done in these fields in India, it's been very scattered and disorganised.

3. We want this conference to act as a catalyst , to spark off unexpected and novel interactions. These have to be unplanned, as we cannot predict what will work and what will not, which is why we have a lot of time for audience interaction and participation. Please come and grill our speakers !

4. A lot of what will happen in the conference will be captured live on our website at, so that the conversation keeps on growing, even after the conference is over !
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