Monday, October 03, 2011

The story of a couple's dream to have a baby.

Here's a success story from one of our patients. There are still lots of myths and misconceptions surrounding IVF in India, and these first hand accounts help to dispel many of these.

I and my wife come from a middle class family from Pune. We have been married for 5 years and have been trying to conceive baby for 3 years. Around two years back I was diagnosed with Asoospermia. This news was heart breaking especially when we came to know that this situation cannot be reversed. We visited lots of doctors and there was positive outcome of any visit.
Things were very painful specially when see friends of the same age having babies and people asking us.

We thought now there is no chance to have baby at least in the life and thought of going on with the life. But suddenly realized that things are not going to be good given the fact in India it is very important for a couple to have baby. Parents/relatives/friends kept on asking and we kind of tried to kept it away.

One day I was researching on the internet on this situation and came across Dr. Malpani website. Went though the website and thought of giving it last try we scheduled the appointment with Dr. Malpani.

So, we first visited Dr. Malpani in March and we were pretty much impressed the way doctor explained the various options we had to conceive a baby. Since we had already decided to have a baby, we decided to go with the option of IVF/TESE.

We started the treatment and had to visit the clinic only 2-3 times before the IVF. So, in the second visit to the clinic we met Dr. Anjali Malpani. Dr. Anjali Malpani was so good that in few minutes after talking to her you will feel like you talking to a friend/relative. We liked the way she talked to us that day. Definitely cannot be easily forgotten :)

We had our first IVF which didn’t go very smooth the way doctor would have liked. Doctor found out some complexity while doing the embryo transfer but still Dr. Malpani did successfully transfer the embryo.
So, now started the waiting for next couple of weeks to wait and see the results. Unfortunately, the results came negative and it was heart breaking. So, we thought of giving it a one more try and visited doctor one more time. Earlier during first IVF Dr. Maplani suggested to freeze the embryos which was an excellent idea since in the next IVF the cost and medical process is much simpler in the next IVF cycle.

Also, since there was some complexity during the first IVF cycle, Dr. Maplani suggested the approach of ZIFT technology to transfer the embryo. This is a pretty modern technology that only very few doctors can do it today and Dr. Maplani already had the expertise towards this. Also the chance to achieving pregnancy goes high with ZIFT. So, my wife went through ZIFT embryo transfer in the second cycle. This time things went the way doctor was expecting and the minor operation went very well.

So, again the waiting time started for the next couple of weeks. The first pregnancy blood test came out positive and we couldn’t believe it finally happened to us also. After that the second blood report also came positive. My wife is now four month pregnant and we are looking forward to a healthy baby.

I forgot to mention about the clinic staff in the above paragraph. Let me tell you something, I have never-ever seen a good medical staff as Dr. Maplani clinic. They were so good and made us comfortable and helped us in every aspect.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of the staff members and also Dr. Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani for all of the happiness that they have given in our lives.

Anybody who is reading this story, I would like to recommend at least to meet Dr. Maplani once before they meet anybody other doctor.

Finally the dream came true of having a baby came true.

Thank you!!!

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