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Is is possible to improve ovarian reserve ?

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I had just advised a young woman who had oopause ( poor ovarian reserve) to try empirical therapy, with DHEA, wheat germ , yoga and acupuncture , before we started her IVF treatment.

She wanted to know the rationale behind my advise. " Doctor, on one hand you are saying that I have poor ovarian reserve, which means that I only have few eggs left in my ovaries. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and I cannot make any new eggs any more. In that case, how will taking all these medicines help me to grow more eggs during my IVF cycle ? "

This was my reply.

" Yes, it is true that we cannot make you grow new eggs. Your ovary contains all the eggs you will ever have. These eggs are in a resting phase, and are contained in primordial follicles. Each month some of these these follicles are selected and start growing. This group is called a cohort, and this is a response to the high FSH levels during the follicular phase. Of these follicles , only one will mature, while the others will die ( a process called atresia). It is our hypothesis that yoga and acupuncture will help us to recruit more of your follicles , so that if the cohort is larger, hopefully more follicles will mature when we superovulate you during your IVF treatment."

I enjoy being a doctor because my patients keep me on my toes !

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  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    For all you who are infertile, I got great news for you that even your doctor probably doesn't know. In fact, your doctor probably tells you are born with all the eggs you will ever have. NOT TRUE. Your doctor has not done his research. You CAN grow new eggs. In fact, women make new eggs up to about 35. All you need is a stem cell transplant. I'll let you know soon if it worked.


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