Friday, May 07, 2010

Good news, bad news

I saw a 30 year old woman today who wanted a second opinion. She had failed multiple IVF cycles in other clinics and had been advised surrogacy. When I reviewed her medical records, I found out that her ovarian reserve had never been properly tested. I checked her AMH levels, and found to my dismay that they were very low. She had very poor ovarian reserve and would need donor eggs if she wanted a baby. I was afraid she would be upset when I broke this news to her, and did so as gently as I could .

I answered all her queries :

Why didn't the other doctors do this test for me ?
How come I am still growing eggs if my AMH is so low ?
Can't we treat the AMH level ?

and then asked her - Are you angry with me for giving you this bad news ?

She looked at my crestfallen face , and then gave me an answer which proved she was wise beyond her years ! She reassured me - Please don't worry doc, actually, this is good news. At least we know now what our problem is, and rather than continuing to grope in the dark, we can explore options which will maximise our chances of success !

Truly I am blessed that I have the opportunity to learn so much wisdom from my patients daily !

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Hi Doc,

    Glad to reconnect with you. Great posts. Just how do you get time in the world to do so much beyond work.
    Will follow your blog regularly.



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