Sunday, May 02, 2010

Adoption in India: More Americans Plan Surrogacy Abroad - ABC News

Adoption in India: More Americans Plan Surrogacy Abroad - ABC News: "Reproductive tourism is now a $500 million business with hundreds of clinics across the country offering surrogacy. There is concern, though, that with no legislation governing the industry and so much money on the table, commercial surrogacy has also become a breeding ground for unethical practices. There are reports of couples being swindled and of dermatologists masking as fertility doctors to cash in.

'What happens is infertile couples are very easy to exploit,' said Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, an infertility specialist in Mumbai, India. 'A very common racket is to say, we will take the payment and then at 14 weeks, 'Oh, I'm very sorry to tell you that the woman miscarried.''

But for many couples, the benefits of a successful surrogacy far outweigh any risks.

Mary and Victor Hui-Wee's Indian journey ended blissfully with a beautiful baby boy.'It just was a dream come true to actually see him,' said Mary Hui-Wee. 'And he's ours. He's beautiful.'"

In order to make sure all surrogacy arrangements have a happy ending, it's important to find a reputed clinic to help you have a baby !

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