Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to reach out to your patients using technology

This is a guest post from Mr Aditya Patkar, Sales Director, Plus91, in which I am an angel investor.

A doctor today has many opportunities to reach out and touch his patients. Clever technology can help him do so very easily and inexpensively – but many doctors do not take advantage of these simple tools ! Why should you bother ? For one , it makes you popular amongst patients – and will help you become even busier ! Patients will rave about doctors who take the time and trouble to contact them – and this will help you to stand out ! Doing so will also help to educate other patients, who will be happy to offer you their blessings because you have shared your wisdom with them. Finally, contributing to the knowledgebase of the community improves the community you are a part of – and help you become a respected leader in your community !

So what do you need to do?

1. Reach out to many people as possible. The internet lets you update and express your views, either as 160 character bursts on twitter, or as a long thoughtful post on your blog , detailing your experience.

Twitter: On twitter you can start putting up bursts of interesting cases you see, new techniques you hear about, and information about your local medical network which may help people in your area! Go onto, register yourself and type away.

Blogging: If you are doing research which you think people should hear about, blog about it ! Many people will find it online as they search for information about their problem , and they will be happy to treat you as a trusted authority if you provide this information on your blog. Go to and start your own blog !

2. Allow people to contact you: Step one is to get a website. It helps you disseminate information about your services for patients looking for the same. This is not advertising, it’s offering a service to patients who need information and education about their medical problems and treatment options. Patients face many choices and are hampered by a lack of reliable information. On your website, please don’t only talk about yourself ! Rather, tell patients more about what diseases and disabilities you treat, what are the latest treatments, and maybe even offer them a second opinion to help them get the best possible treatment ( even if they do not come to you !)

One of Plus91's missions is that every Indian doctor should have their own website ! Check out what we offer at We will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process to maximize the impact on your patients .

3. Using Software: Modern EMR ( electronic medical software) comes with integrated communications tools which allow you to painlessly and seamlessly contact your patients, either through email or SMSes !

Plus91’s EMR packages allow you to send SMSes to sendalerts, appointment reminders and prescription reminders to your patients !This is a new level of service, and patients will be thrilled to know that you provided automated intelligent alerts to help them get the best medical care ! You can see our products on

These are just some pointers on how technology can help you to to interact with your patients – without spending much time or money ! Leverage your time and expertise using modern technology – Plus91 will be happy to help you to do so, so you can delight your patients !

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