Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Health Care Blog: Gimme My Damn Data!

The Health Care Blog: Gimme My Damn Data!The stage is being set for a kind of disruption that’s in no healthcare book: patient-driven disruptive innovation.

Here’s what we see when we step back and look anew from the consumer’s view:

1. We’ve been disrupting on the wrong channel.
2. It’s about the consumer’s appetite.
3. Patient as platform:
* Doc Searls was right
* Lean says data should travel with the “job.”
* “Nothing about me without me.”
4. Raw Data Now: Give us the information and the game changes.
5. HITECH begins to enable patient-driven disruptive innovation.
6. Let’s see patient-driven disruption. Our data will be the fuel.

The new HITECH rules require the doctor to share the patient's medical record with the patient ! One of the Physician Objectives is * Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (within 48 hours)

This is great news for patients - and for doctors who believe in patient empowerment and information therapy !

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