Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Internet Lifts All Clinical Boats

The Internet Lifts All Clinical Boats Dr. Pion oversees the Pion Group, where he serves as a health care consultant on issues related to improving clinical outcomes and patient care. Dr. Pion believes the Internet, and its telecommunications applications, will improve patient care and outcomes, virtually link physicians with each other, and virtually bond physicians more closely with patients.

“Q: The focus of this interview is how to help doctors in solo or small group practice succeed through the use of the Internet and telecommunications. How can doctors become more efficient and effective through the use of new telecommunications media?”

“A: Doctors have to begin to talk in terms of computers, smart phones, and IPods just as easily as they talk of stethoscopes, otoscopes, and proctoscopes. We must talk of telecommunication tools currently available to physicians in any specialty and to any primary care doctor, now becoming known as realtors who own medical homes. “

The internet allows doctors to reach out to patients directly - and gives young doctors and doctors in solo practise a chance to compete with senior doctors and corporate hospitals !

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