Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Successful IVF for Bangladeshi couple

Here is another success story from one of our patients ! This is one of the reasons I love being a doctor - there is no other job which can provide so much personal satisfaction and happiness !


We are a couple from Bangladesh. I am 29, and my husband is 31 y. We got married 5 years ago and since then we were trying to have a baby. I had certain drawback; I lost my one ovary with malignant cyst and had gone under chemotherapy almost 9 years ago. So from the very beginning we both have understanding about the root of our problem and we knew that we had to take expertise help.

And we sought help from everyone and knocked at all possible doors , both inside and outside of the country. Each of the visits to the infertility clinics was like an illusive ray of hope which ultimately turns to a shadow of trauma. The thought of never becoming a parent was painful to us – and also impacted all our relationships with others. You cannot discuss with everyone about your own problem, but you also cannot make them stop from asking… “So when are you going to give us some good news ? What is going to be your next step?” . As I did not have one ovary, my major problem was not having good eggs. We had to depend on the donor who is very unavailable at Bangladesh and moreover I do not have any sister who could be helpful. One of my good friends extended her help and we tried IVF first at Dhaka, at end of July 2008 . We had do this in a hush-hush manner, because we had to hide from the people around us - and ultimately we faced a failure story. The cycle was unsuccessful. My husband was always like Robert Bruce, and firmly believes in never give up strategy. However I had already faced several operations, medication, discussion, heard hopeful and hopeless comment and advice from the medical persons. So I decided not to take any further medical advice until or unless my mind demanded it. I was totally shattered and dejected. We even did not get any help from Kolkata clinics, which I visited regularly for the last 9 years.

At 2009 February, in the morning, just surfing on the infertility clinics of India and the heading of Malpani Infertility Clinic seemed a bit interesting to me. I clicked on the page and saw how easy it was to get a second opinion. Immediately I uploaded the information asked on the second opinion questionnaire and then sent it. I wondered if I would ever get a response. To my amazement, I got a response from Dr. Malpani himself in one day. Then we exchanged few more mails to decide what to do with my problem and what could be the possible solution , how to execute it , time duration and expenditure. My husband and I continue communicating with him and what helped to me to have confidence on him is the way he approached the problem. Not only like a Doctor but also like a well wisher. Anyone who has gone through infertility problem must admit that a doctor’s attitude, words and hope mean so much to you. Finally we decided to reach Mumbai soon after the communication, and then the problem of accommodation arose. The treatment itself is expensive, and staying at Mumbai costs a lot. And Dr. Malpani sorted out this problem too. The clinic has arrangement with a rest house where we can reside and have our meals. Finally we reached Mumbai with a 19 days plan.

The first word from Dr. at his clinic on our first meeting was “So you finally made it”. Then he described all the emotional upheaval infertile couples go through, and I was wondering how this person can give so much quality time with treatment and in right words! He made us believe that as you have a good uterus, the treatment will do the maximum for you to get pregnant, rest of the things are upon God. Our treatment started. The donor’s superovulation was started at the same time. Then we stayed and took medicines with occasional USG. Everything appeared normal. Days passed and my hope started to rise high. At particular time sperm was collected. Finally at 14th day we were told to come to the clinic. After we reached, Dr. informed us that 24 eggs were collected and among them 22 were fertile. All of them were of excellent condition. The red letter day of my life came up at 13th October- the transfer day. Before transferring , Dr Sai, the embryologist, showed us all the embryos and explained the steps. I was barely able to hold my emotions. At the time of transfer I was rather panicked because last time I was having pain under this situation. But this time the whole team and the Dr. were dealing this so delicately, keeping me busy with conversation that I did not concentrate on what was going on - rather , I was just was praying. I was told about every single step while transferring. It was so clear that you hardly have any question in your mind. We left Mumbai 2 days after the transfer with high hopes. I had IVF before and you will have to wait 14 longest days on the planet before you get to know the output.

With three embryos in my womb , I was waiting for the most life-changing news. In the mean time I had few problems, I immediately mailed to Dr. Malpani and he responded with what should be done, always telling me not to have stress and tension. At 13th day I did a home urine test.…and was positive.! I was screaming like anything. And we were so happy that we cannot wait for a blood test. We did blood test of Beta HCG at 15th day and repeated after 3 days later. It was quite viable and showing a Positive Pregnancy. We did an ultrasound scan at 20th day and the radiologist showed me TWINS on the screen. Our joys knew no bounds. We still have contact with Dr. Malpani for any need or medical advice and he happily responds on those mails. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant and expecting our children at July 2010.

Infertility is becoming increasingly important and people need to learn a lot to discuss these issues openly. After returning home, many of our friends and relatives wanted advice from us. We have informed them all about Malpani Infertility Clinic. I always do remember one line of Dr. Malpani that, “have faith on god, whatever he did, is for our best and try to accept what you cannot change.” Thanks Dr. for all of your support and make things clear to me. We wish all the good luck to the clinic, Dr., and the staffs of the clinic.

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