Friday, November 06, 2009

Essay: A Doctor Discovers How to Talk to a Doctor

Essay: A Doctor Discovers How to Talk to a Doctor: "As a physician, I have found a few other patient behaviors to be particularly helpful. People who spend some time before their doctor's appointment thinking about their symptoms and their concerns create a much more efficient, and mutually satisfactory doctor-patient interaction. It is even worth considering jotting down questions so they are not forgotten in the fast-paced hustle and bustle of modern medical care.

Another suggestion to consider is taking a family member or close friend to the appointment. This other person can act as an advocate, especially if the patient is not feeling well. Family members often remember things that patients, because of illness or nervousness, do not. They can also keep track of what was said more easily than the patient."

Patients often complain that their doctors don't talk properly to them. However, if patients took the time and trouble to do their "homework" prior to their visit to the clinic, the doctor will be able to do a much better job !

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  1. is there a possibility that my eggs released before my egg harvest schedule that was why my doctor only harvested one egg from supposed 8 follicles? My eggs was harvested an hour after the supposed schedule? is the time a factor too?


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