Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Horror stories from IVF patients !

I recently got this tragic email from a doctor.

I underwent IVF at ...clinic at Kolkata in April but failed to conceive.Since both my husband and I are busy doctors, the loss of time and emotional energy was a difficult one for us . Since we both run a clinic together , our absence athe same time makes it difficult for our patients as well , and we have to think a lot before going for IVF again.I have decided to come to your centre in Feb 2010.

My experience in the previous cycle was harrowing.I got to meet the doc only once.The rest was handled by his secretary who was not even a medical person ! The follicular monitoring was done by different sonologists on different days. The ovum collection was done under deep sedation with fentanyl .I had terrible post -op hallucinations and vomiting .I was informed that four eggs were retrieved and 3 embryos were subsequently transferred. I was told to fill my bladder for the embryo transfer . I was then told to lie down with the full bladder for 30 min . I was having intolerable pain in my pelvis and I requested the doc to relieve me with a catheter.However trivial it may sound , but this was my worst experience . Could this have had adversely affected the outcome ?

My heart breaks when I read about such poor quality treatment . If a doctor is treated like this, I wonder what happens to the other poor patients ! Why do patients put up with this kind of shoddy medical care ?

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