Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to succeed at IVF !

We're called the fairer sex, but then, being a woman is not easy at times, especially when it comes to fertility and its related problems. When a woman is unable to conceive, it plays havoc with every other aspect of her life. Becoming pregnant takes precedence over everything else and you become obsessed with it. The ironic aspect of this is that the more you despair over having a baby, the higher your stress levels become and the less your chances of success.

If you’re unable to have a baby because of medical reasons, then IVF maximises your chances of success . With the embryo being developed in vitro in the lab , all you need for success in an IVF cycle is a lot of luck and a healthy uterus to carry the baby to term. The procedure has a 30 to 45 percent success rate, if you’re healthy and young enough.

I know a friend who went through three IVF cycles, each of which failed. She was finally too tired mentally and physically to continue which is when she said - enough is enough. Why do IVF cycles fail, especially after you’ve spent so much time and money investing in the process and the embryo has developed and is in your uterus? Why is the process of implantation so uncertain?

My friend was very depressed after the failure of the first cycle; she blamed herself for the failure and kept obsessing about what she was doing wrong and how she could have done more to ensure success. It was only after she had a heart to heart with her doctor that she realized that all the mother could do to try to conceive after an IVF cycle is to stay calm, be happy, do as the doctor instructs, and surround yourself with emotional support from family and loved ones. Beyond this, the technique depends on science, the skill and dedication of your team, and various other factors that are beyond the control of the woman.

So if you’re preparing for an IVF cycle, go into it with a positive frame of mind. Try not to be too nervous and continue with your life throughout the treatment instead of obsessing over the fact that you’re preparing for a baby. Being prepared mentally improves your chance of success, so think good for good to happen.

This guest article was written by Jennifer Johnson, who regularly writes on the topic of nurse practitioner school . Jennifer welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: [email protected]

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