Monday, November 09, 2009

A delighted couple and their baby from the UK

A delighted couple and their baby from the UK: "Dr Malpani(s) are fantastic, from the word go full of positive vibes, I quote Dr Malpani in one of the very first email's he sent me 'a female of your age, I would say has got a 80% chance of getting pregnant within 3 attempts of IVF' What can I say - He was right! They know their job, better than most, topped with this is a non-stressful environment in the clinic. Caring staff, who will go the extra mile for you.

India is a fantastic Country, Mumbai is amazing, have a holiday at the same time has your IVF cycle, with people who care !

I will be going back for baby number 2, 3 & hopefully 4 if I do not get too old!

Take good care of yourself, and pray, and your prayers and dreams will come true."

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