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Why Julie from UK is over the moon


If you have stumbled across this site than you must be considering IVF and at Dr Malpani's clinic. You can of course jump to the bottom and read how excited I am being PREGNANT!!!

My name is Julie aged 41 and I am married to Tim aged 29, yes my husband is younger than me. I was previously married and have two girls who have now flown the nest and doing their own thing. I met my now husband quite a few years ago, as there was an age gap we decided to talk about having children as time was not on my side, so we started trying, and I didn't think I would have any problems at all , having had two girls. I fell pregnant quite quickly only to be told that was an ectopic pregnancy ( that means my baby was growing in my fallopian tube) , I was so upset.

I had treatment that lasted over 6 weeks and still ended up in hospital, it was quite an ordeal to say the least. We were told because of the treatment we had we could not try again for another 6 months, so we waited and after 6 months past we decided to try again, it took a while to get pregnant this time but we got there in the end. We were overjoyed. I felt everything was ok until I had that 6 week scan, yes I was told it was ectopic again ! I was devastated as this was in the other tube , which meant both my tubes where damaged. I could not stop crying.

After a lengthy hospital stay and the removal of the ectopic and recovery time we took a deep breath, sat and had a chat about where we go from here as conceiving normally was out of the question and the NHS in England won’t help us because of my age. Hence we decided to have IVF outside the UK.

We were travelling to Bangkok in the Feb and decided to check out a hospital for an IVF Dr there. We booked an appointment in this all-singing all-dancing hospital and had an appointment to discuss our treatment. There are not many hospitals where you can eat sushi in the waiting rooms, and it was a splendid place, however when we met our Dr I just kept getting this overwhelming feeling that the whole thing was a money spinner. He was very keen for Tim to hand over a sperm sample and his lack of eye contact with me was appalling. It seemed that all this hospital was about was MONEY, so I declined Tim handing over his sperm and we left.

Well, that didn't put me off, and as soon as we got back I hit the Internet again, and I came across Dr Malpani's clinic. I have travelled India quite a lot so I knew what India was about, yes it’s classed as a third world country and is very hectic and you have to take everything in your stride. That aside, I contacted Dr Malpani and sat back and waited, I didn't think I would hear from him and was amazed at how quickly he got back to me - within 24 hours !

Dr Malpani’s web site was the best that I had come across explaining everything that you need to no, even a novice like me and my husband who didn't really know what IVF entailed understood what we would be going through, it was such an easy process. I couldn't wait to go. So we booked an appointment in 03 July 09 where we met with Dr Malpani who I might add is a really lovely Dr I wish he was my Dr at home, he explained everything to us so we knew what we were going to go through, and we then started our treatment on 06 July 09.

OOO the jabs for superovulation, I won’t lie to you they hurt, but not when given - just at night my hips would be a little sore. I kept telling myself the end result would be worth it all. I found the staff nurses just so lovely and helpful, the language barrier was a little difficult at times but we knew the Secretary spoke good English who we would borrow now and then if we needed something explained , she was funny and didn't mind... Mrs Dr Malpani (yes husband and wife) was such a warm caring person, I felt at ease whenever my scan dates came around, we would talk about things to do in Mumbai etc but at the same time she would explain her finding of my growing eggs to me and my husband, it’s very exciting to see them on the ultrasound scans and know that all is going to plan.

My egg retrieval day came, off I went, upon my return my husband was there waiting for me, And one of the clinic helpers who never said a word just made sure you where ok, I referred to her as a little angel, she didn't speak English but she would give me a little blessing I knew she was rooting for me. I found out that I had grown 11 eggs, I was over the moon, we then waited to find out how many had fertilised and was told 7, this was just great news, we were just so excited, I almost felt that I should sit next to the incubator in the lab and read nursery stories to my wonderful growing babies. I couldn't wait to have my embryos put back, the day came and as discussed we decided to have 4 good ones out back, the day came and we had the 4 best ones put back, now all we had to do is wait, we had 2 days rest, before our flight on the 3rd day home, I was so going to miss everyone at the clinic, I had seen them almost every day for nearly a month, we went into the clinic for the last time and bought a box of hand picked chocolates from the shop across he road and a bunch of flowers to say thank you, a small token really for what they had done for us.

Well, upon our return home we have been told to wait 2 weeks before we do a pregnancy test, that was a long long wait, then my husband got a call from work 4 days before the 2 weeks before our pregnancy test time, he works away and was being called back so we bought one of those clear blue tests that states you can test up to 4 days early, I wasn't holding my breath, my husband wanted to take charge of the stick, It stated that if you test early you have to use the first urine of the morning, sadly for the house hold I woke up at 5am and had to use that, so I woke my husband and presented him with my little jar of my very early morning pee. He did the rest, and there before us was a positive PREGNANCY test yes POSITIVE, ok, I am now thinking that as its an early one and only has a 96% accuracy I will do some more, my husband flew off that day knowing I was pregnant, it was so nice, I bought some more tests and started testing everyday sometimes twice a day as I still couldn't believe it, that little faint line on the stick just got darker and darker . It was fantastic. I still couldn't believe it.

We had our 6 week scan yesterday and there was 1 baby growing the rest have been naturally dissolved within me, however we are still not ruling them out completely as we won’t know for sure until our 12 week scan. My husband and I are just over the moon. This was our first attempt at IVF and I would have no issues at all going back to India which is a wonderful country to explore and for IVF at the Dr Malpani's clinic.

Thank you to everyone for your care and your help in making all this possible. You will always be in our thoughts.

Julie and Tim Jillians

I would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone who is considering IVF in India at this Clinic. Please contact me Julie Jillians [[email protected]]

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  1. Congratulations to you, Julie and Tim. More and more couples are realizing that there are some fantastic IVF facilities abroad. They are usually very afordable too.


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