Sunday, August 16, 2009

Twin Babies Born in Tanzania

We are writing this letter to express our great thanks to our Almighty God who gave a great profession to our Doctors ANIRUDHA and ANJALI MALPANI as they are only Doctors who achieved to wipe out our tears of about 8 years of childless and brought us to a rejoice Family of Father and Mother of TWIN BABIES.

Dear Doctors Anirudha and Anjali Malpani, before we came to you our life was at all time difficult and unhappy. Thank you for giving us peace of mind and our freedom to think without stress like we had in last 8 years. Thanks to you & your entire team. We are thankful everyday that we were able to get treatments from you.

I and my wife married each other about 8 years ago. Since then, we were trying for a baby without any success. After trying for some years without conceiving, we went to the Hospital to find out the problem. Oh! My God! We were so much shocked by the results of low sperm count. I was given some pills to take for three months, after three months I went for test but there was no improvement. I was again given different pills but also there was no any improvement. Here my dreams of fathering my own baby started to disappear. One day while was browsing to some sites in internet, my mind took me to yahoo web search. I told myself! Let me write here and search “Best Infertility Clinic in India” the first site displayed was MALPANI CLINIC. Here my dreams of fathering my own child took place as was passing through pages of the book of Dr. Malpani’s called “HOW TO HAVE A BABY”

You know what? There is word in a certain page of Malpani’s book written, “ Any Man can father his own child” To me I can read it like this, “Through the skills of Doctors Malpani, any Man can father his own children’’. Yes, for the grace of God who gave great skills to Doctors Malpani, we are now have two healthy children after ICSI treatment we got from Malpani’s Clinic.

Again we are so thankful to Doctors Malpani & their entire team. You are the best doctor ever. We are recommending Drs Malpani to all infertile couples.
Once again thank you Doctors Malpani, we wish your clinic a very successful future in helping couples to achieve their dreams.

Now we are so happy and this happiness is given by you Dr. Anirudha and Anjali Malpani. Our experience at Malpani's clinic was excellent and we would like to share our experience with everyone. We are ready to advice, direct, and answer some quetions from infertile couples what we know about infertility and how to get the best treatments. Also as we know swahili language, any one can ask in swahili. Tupo tayari kujibu maswali na kutoa ushauri kwa lugha ya kiswahili.

Mr. & Mrs Jason,
Email: [email protected]

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