Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slidepedia for Information Therapy

Patients are hungry for information and many routinely use the Internet in order to find out more about their diseases and the treatment options. Most patients trust the opinion of “expert patients” who have “ been there and done that”.

Also, health information needs to be "local" - so that diabetic patients in Pune need to know about treatment options ( such as the local chemists, supplies and specialists) available in Pune, rather than about treatments available at Mayo Clinic.

We also know that collaborative tools such as wikis work very well; and that most people find it much easier to absorb information when it is presented in a graphic format rather than in a text format.

This is why we need to set up Slidepedia, a collaborative platform where users can exchange information using slides rather than using text.

The initial presentation can be uploaded by an expert patient or by a doctor. This can then be edited and modified by any interested user, so that these presentations can be translated ; localized ( to make the information more useful ) and improved
( by updating information or adding alternative points of view). There can potentially be many different "versions" of the same presentation, so that it's useful for many more people

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