Saturday, August 15, 2009

Comic books are a great resource to teach patients !

This is a guest entry from our very talented comic book, artist, Syanne.

I'm originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I've worked with Dr Malpani as a freelance designer since last summer, which makes this summer our first anniversary working together. Although my major in school (Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California) is advertising, I've always had a passion in illustrations. That's why I took the job on creating a comic book for 'How to Have a Baby' right on the spot. That was surely a learning experience for both Dr Malpani and me. I've never created a comic book before and neither has he. There was some struggle and definitely excitements. I've learned about more that I had ever knew I could about pregnancy ( which would be a pretty great conversations at dinner parties among friends and family :P).

After that project was finished, I was thrilled that he offered me to do a second comic book, which is the 'How to Have the Best Medical Care'. I have to admit that most people would probably shy away from reading thick medical books because they might think that it's too hard for them, but making in in the form of comic book certainly have narrows the gap. So far I've had a lot of fun working with Dr Malpani because of his professionalism and kindness. His patients might be feeling lucky to have a doctor like him and me as well by getting a great client like him. It shows that no matter who you're dealing with, your personality and professionalism knows no boundary.

I have to say that the new 'Baby Chase' comic book is the most exciting and the one that needs the most creative juice. It contains mostly of drawings and graphic artwork, but the thing that I love about it the most is that now people can relate closely to what an infertile couple is going through. What more is that like the other books, it's free, so it's for everyone who wishes to know more about this issue to read. This project has portrays my best artwork to date. I kept on trying to find new things and techniques to learn so I could do the best that I can for Dr Malpani. You know what they say, a happy worker is a productive worker, and Dr Malpani has certainly tried to keep that true!

In short, working with Dr Malpani has been a tremendously rewarding experience. Not only did I get to do what I love, I also get to catch a glimpse of what he loves to do as well, for a living, I'm certainly trying everyday to become a better artist and designer so i can continue producing great work for him.

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