Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The surrogacy racket

I received the following email from a distraught patient.

This is inform you that an ex surrogate from Dr X’s clinic, AB has now started a racket in which she is duping innocent couples emotionally and financially. Few months back she got VD w/o SD to Delhi to make her as surrogate for us. VD is staying at Baroda and AB has a setup in Anand (it seems!! not sure if she has any).

She did not let us visit us saying that before 3 months, the surrogate would catch evil's eye. But when we forced her after 4 months we came to know that the surrogate was never pregnant. AB has duped many people like us in Delhi, Mumbai , Hyderabad and Ludhiana.

She is proclaiming to be a doctor to everyone but we searched on the internet and found the following links on her background.,2933,319106,00.html

Please discourage your patients from falling in her trap and get her police verification done before proceeding further



It's very easy to fool patients because they are desperate. And because the surrogacy treatment involves fudging a name on the baby's birth certificate, most clinics do the treatment on the sly. This lack of transparency makes it very easy for them to exploit vulnerable infertile couples !

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