Sunday, August 30, 2009

Using technology to improve appointments for doctors

Q for Doctor is a clever system which uses the now-ubiquitous mobile to help doctors to schedule their appointments , so that patients don't have to wait for ever. This is a clever idea, because it addresses the biggest pain point of patients - the fact that they have to wait and wait ( which is why they are called patients, according to a friend of mine !)

This is a great "proof of concept" model which shows how technology can be used to improve healthcare delivery - but I have my own doubts as to how well it will work in practise . I have learnt from personal experience that patients don't always admire efficient doctors . Most patients in India are worried when there are very few patients in the waiting room. They feel that a "busy doctor" who makes them wait for hours must be a good doctor, because he is so busy ( though I feel this just means that he does not respect his patients can cannot manage his time well !)

This system is "Doctor driven" so doctors go ahead and be a part of the revolutionary system and change the way you are conducting your appointments forever. Give the most desired facility to your patients at no extra cost.
Without you registering in this system your patients can not take advantage of it. So go ahead, register and give your patients "Appointments on Finger Tips."

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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    One of the problems with appointments is that many times patient make appointments that they don't keep, causing a backlog in people waiting for new appointments. However, doctors can use, which is an online communcations service between doctors and patients, to automatically confirm appointments. Its free and HIPAA compliant, so that there is no downside to using it.


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