Monday, February 12, 2007

The Shared Record

The Shared Record: " How would a single shared record benefit you as a patient?. There are numerous important benefits and, depending upon the final structure and format of the record, these may include the following:

A shared record is built up by input from several clinicians and standard information need only be recorded once, avoiding duplication and saving time which can better applied to the consultation process.

A shared record is only beneficial to the clinicians treating you if they are accurate. When you have access to your own record this enables you to check the record for errors and/or omissions so that they can be corrected.

A single shared record, which is web-based, can be accessed instantly from anywhere at any time by yourself or other authorised persons. This may be particularly important in an emergency or when you need treatment away from home. There is also a possibility the patients and clinicians may be able to communicate with each other using the facilities which the Shared Record provides.

When you have ready access to your own Health Record, whether it be on paper, on disc or via the web, you have much more information to become more involved in your own healthcare. ‘Knowledge is power’ and access to your record empowers you to become more involved in decisions about your own health."

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