Friday, February 23, 2007

Consumers: The Missing Puzzle Piece in Health IT?

Consumers: The Missing Puzzle Piece in Health IT? : "'It is not a surprise that consumers have not been so engaged in the discussion' of health IT 'because it doesn't affect their daily lives,' Zamore said. Most consumers are satisfied with the health care they receive at the micro level, according to Zamore. Patients generally like and trust their doctors and think they receive quality care. However, he said that at 'the macro level, it's clear that the system is riddled with inefficiencies ... and is extremely inconsistent.'

'Most of the health IT conversations that have been going on here on Capitol Hill haven't really addressed the patient health care experience,' Zamore explained.

Technology has been integrated into almost every sector of our everyday lives except for health care. Zamore said, 'People want to have technology as part of their health care relationship, but they just don't have that opportunity right now.'"

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