Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Approaching Death:

Approaching Death:: "Dying is at once a fact of life and a profound mystery. Death comes to all, yet each person experiences it in ways that are only partly accessible to the physician or family member, the philosopher or researcher. In principle, humane care for those approaching death is a social obligation as well as a personal offering from those directly involved. In reality, both society and individuals often fall short of what is reasonably—if not simply—achievable. As a result, people have come both to fear a technologically over-treated and protracted death and to dread the prospect of abandonment and untreated physical and emotional distress.

A humane care system is one that people can trust to serve them well as they die, even if their needs and beliefs call for a departure from typical practices. It honors and protects those who are dying, conveys by word and action that dignity resides in people—not physical attributes—and helps people to preserve their integrity while coping with unavoidable physical insults and losses. Such reliably excellent and respectful care at the end of life is an attainable goal, but realizing it will require many changes in attitudes, policies, and actions. System changes—not just changes in individual beliefs and actions—are necessary."

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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I agree with your post, but I think that the time and manner of one's death will be much like one's life -- you can plan and prepare, and should do so, but ultimately the unexpected, possibly good possibly bad, will occur.


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