Sunday, February 04, 2007

ALERT: For a Complete Medical History, Compile Your Own Health Records

ALERT: For a Complete Medical History, Compile Your Own Health Records: "Like most people, you've probably moved many times during your life. Settling in to any new community usually means establishing a relationship with a new doctor, dentist or other health care provider. Over time, it's easy to forget when you were treated, by whom — even for what. Even if you've stayed in one place, it's still likely you've received medical care from various providers over time.

There is no one place you can go to get your complete medical history. Each healthcare provider you see keeps his or her own files detailing your visits and treatment. The same is true for hospital stays, physical therapy, laboratories, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, pharmacies and so on. Only you are in the position to pull all the records together to compile your complete medical history.

If you don't already keep a personal health record, now is the best time to start. Do not rely on your ability to go back in time to collate a complete medical file. The longer you wait, the more difficulty you may have in obtaining older health records."


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    amen---the individual should be ultimately responsible for their health issues: diseases,surgeries,immunizations,allergies,medications.
    bring your list of meds each time you go to any physician.
    it is amazing how many people that have no idea what they are taking and why they are taking it.
    .laboratory findings should be followed also. it is not enough for you to be told everything is normal. ask for a copy.

    i am a--

    long time practicing physician

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I like your post.

    Continuity of Care has always been a point of discussion when it comes to the question of Patient Data. Standards like Continuity of Care Records (CCR), HL7 Clinical Document Architecture, CCD etc. help in patient information exchange. Their main goal is to facilitate interoperability of patient centric data amongst various electronic health records.


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