Sunday, February 18, 2007

Japan Plans To Digitize Health Information - iHealthBeat - Daily News Digest on Health Care Information Technology

Japan Plans To Digitize Health Information - " Japan's Health Ministry plans to use IT to improve medical treatment and nursing care, according to the Nikkei Report.

Physical exam data beginning in fiscal year 2008 will be stored electronically to improve health management. The plan also calls for digitizing medical facilities care and cost statements beginning in FY 2009. The data will let the ministry analyze and identify nationwide cost trends, according to the Nikkei Report.

Electronic health data could lead to more appropriate treatment and safer practices. The plan calls for implementing IT by FY 2010, and the provisions next month will be endorsed and included in the government's broader IT strategy. The ministry also will look into using smart cards equipped with advanced personal identification functions to prevent the disclosure of personal health data (Nikkei Report, 2/14)."

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  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Apparently along with the physical exam being stored electronically, they will also be performing a free physical exam on everyone over a certain age (I think it was 30) every year, with an eye on preventative medicine.


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