Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Home testing for fertility prediction

Home testing for fertility prediction : "Women are being offered a new test kit that allows them to predict the rate at which their fertility is declining.The test works by measuring the number of eggs in a woman's ovaries and indicating what that level might be like in two years time."
I feel this test is a mixed blessing. It's potentially great for older women who are worried about their biological clocks ticking away; and allows them to regain control over their reproductive decisions, since it provides them biological data which is derived from their own bodies. Most doctors are quite flippant about the fertility concerns of older women - and often provide them with false reassurances, which are quite hollow. Another reason I really like this test is because women can order it for themselves - they don't have to depend upon their doctors ! This is clever marketing ! My major concern is that it may end up creating a lot of worried "pre-infertile" women - we don't really know how reliable this test is when used for prediciting the fertility of individual women.( More work for fertility specialists like me !)

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