Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Connecting Americans to their Healthcare

Connecting Americans to their Healthcare: "The Personal Health Technology Initiative
The Personal Health Technology Initiative is a major effort by the Markle Foundation Health Program to advocate for patient empowerment through personal health records and other health information technologies in the context of an emerging system of nationwide health information exchange.

The Personal Health Technology Initiative envisions a future electronic health information environment that:

* Allows patients, consumers, and caregivers to take a very active role in health and health care
* Supports effective and efficient communication between physicians and other health providers and the individuals and families in their care
* Improves the quality of health care
* Reduces medical errors and enhances safety
* Emphasizes continuity and convenience of care
* Safeguards patient privacy
* Earns and keeps the public's trust"

I hope this helps to put patients back at the center of healthcare - where they rightfully belong !

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