Friday, January 20, 2006

Have you got a bad doctor ?

Have you got a bad doctor: "Have you got a bad doctor, nurse, PA, nurse practitioner, tech, aide, or some other professional?
If so, consider sending them a copy of this letter (you can download it and customize it if you wish!)

Dear ___________________________,

This is a note to help you improve your healthcare practice.
I find you to be a talented, capable and intelligent clinician. You provide good healthcare.
However, your bedside manner needs development. The quality of the technical care you provide is sometimes lost because you do not show that you care about me, and my life.
I respectfully request that you take time to look at your behaviors. When you do, you will see that your patients need your compassion, with respect and humility, as much as they need your expertise.
If you need more direction, an excellent resource is Love Your Patients!, a book by Dr. Scott Diering, as well as his website,
I hope you continue to improve the style with which provide your care.


Your patient"

I wish more patients would provide feedback to their doctors ! How will doctors improve unless patients tell them what they are doing wrong ?

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