Sunday, January 08, 2006

Connecting Americans to their Healthcare

Connecting Americans to their Healthcare: "From iPods to online commerce to 'googling' to swapping digital photos via e-mail, information technology is revolutionizing our lives and allowing us to tailor what we see, read, hear, buy, and sell. Health care is no exception. Information technology (IT) is rapidly and radically changing how we experience health care in the United States.

Health IT is enabling some patients to communicate better with their doctors, manage their own medical information, and improve the care they receive.

Some hospitals, health plans, and medical practices are storing patient records, CT scans, and other medical images on computers, making them easier to find.

Health IT is on the cusp of allowing patients and authorized physicians to gain timely access to personal health information through electronic health information exchange. Health IT will soon enable patients to learn about the quality of their doctors, hospitals, and other providers online.

Much more change is on the way as health care is revolutionized by digital technology. "

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