Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The world's largest eye care delivery system

The world's largest eye care delivery system. " Started as a modest 11 bed eye hospital in 1976, Aravind has grown rapidly to become the world's largest eye care system. In the year 2004, Aravind Eye Hospitals handled 1,635,599 outpatient visits and performed 228,894 surgeries."
Not only are they extremely efficient, they are also very service oriented, and as a result of a unique fee system and effective management, Aravind is able to provide free eye care to two-thirds of its patients from the revenue generated from the other third of its paying patients !
Aravind follows the principle that large volume, high quality service result in low cost and self-sustainability. Aravind's network of hospitals has the distinction of being the most productive eye care organisation in the world, in terms of surgical volume and the number of patients treated.
The world's hospitals can learn how to provide quality and affordable medical care to patients from Aravind !
Why aren't more hospital managers and doctors visiting Aravind ?

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