Thursday, December 15, 2005

Doctor - please tell me what to do !

One of the commonest questions my patients ask me is - " Doctor, please tell me what to do ! " Some phrase this as, " What would you do if you were in my place ?" While it's easy for me to tell people what to do ( I know most doctors enjoy this !), this is not my style. I believe in non-directive counselling , especially when dealing with such a personal and private area as making reproductive decisions, where treatment is elective, and every couple needs to decide for themselves as to what will give them peace of mind. Patients who are mature understand this, and are happy to use me as a sounding board off whom they can bounce off their options. Others, however, want someone who will tell them exactly want to do, and go off in search of a doctor " who knows more" than I do. I guess doctors get the patients they deserve - and patients get the doctors they deserve !

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