Thursday, December 08, 2005

A look at the modern doctor who doctors ethics

A look at the modern doctor who doctors ethics:
“Thou shall not steal,” The good Lord said,
But look, I need rich meals.
Besides, I have a better head,
His patients I should steal.
“Like brothers you must treat your mates,”
The good God stoutly said.
Come to my clinic, read my rates,
I charge my patients that much less,
To lure them from my mates.
“You simply cannot advertise,”
The law so very clearly states.
My trumpet I shall so disguise,
With cunning words I’ll self-inflate,
What fault will you then find?
'As doctors you’ll not give kickbacks,”
Our Code has disallowed.
Be practical, look here old chap,
I’m young, I must erase this vow.
To live I must kick-back.
“You swore the Hippocratic Oath!”
The Lord in grief did weep.
“In dishonour you are deeply steeped.
You stole from mates for tarnished gold.
Do you know you’ve lost your soul?”

R. F. CHINOY, Department of Pathology Tata Memorial Hospital Parel, Mumbai 4000 12"

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