Monday, December 05, 2005

The Health Record Network

The Health Record Network: "Starting a Consumer Revolution

The ability instantaneously to access accurate and complete patient health care information is the key to the efficient delivery of quality health services. Despite unprecedented advances in information collection and dissemination technology over the past decade, and recognition of the importance of timely, accurate health care information to the successful provision of the most efficacious treatment, the health care industry in the United States, for the most part, still adheres to paper record keeping. The costs of this failure - untimely and even erroneous diagnoses, repetitive and often incomplete record development, an inadequate ability to monitor health care trends on a timely basis either on a individual patient or on a broader societal basis - need no longer be tolerated. The capability exists to develop a consumer-driven and controlled information data base that necessarily would improve immeasurably the ability to meet individual health care needs on a more timely basis while simultaneously providing a platform for the creation and delivery of innovative health care products and services."

Seductive promises - sounds like the e-healthcare siren song of 1999 all over again ?

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