Monday, December 12, 2005

Why Your Doctor Thinks I'm Crazy!

Why Your Doctor Thinks I'm Crazy!: "Many doctors look down on self-educated patients.

At one point in my treatment, my regular practitioner suggested I visit another doctor to get a second opinion. So my husband called his internist and asked, 'who is the best person you know to deal with thyroid disease.' 'Me, of course,' said the internist. (Doctors are so modest!)

'But up front, I want you to know that my wife is very informed about things, she reads a great deal about thyroid disease,' my husband said.

'Aha,' he said. 'She's a petit papier woman,' said the doctor.

My husband inquired as to what the doctor meant by this. The doctor explained that women who come in with papers, notes, etc. to show to the doctor are often referred in a derogatory way as 'petit papier' (little papers, in French) women. He said most doctors did not like 'petit papier women,' as we're too 'high maintenance.'"

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