Monday, December 05, 2005

informing healthcare | Yasnoff on eHealth

informing healthcare | Yasnoff on eHealth: "There are three categories of evaluation criteria that communities should consider in evaluating a potential health information infrastructure:
# Requirements – does the system do what is needed?
# Feasibility – can the system be built and operated?
# Financial – is there a way to pay for the system and sustain it?

Let’s start with requirements. To answer this question, the functions of the system (at least at a high level) must be defined. Folks experienced with the development of information systems know that there must be a statement of requirements before you start or you’ll never know when you’re done. In plain English, a requirement is something that you will be able to do AFTER you have implemented a system that you cannot do now.

There are at least five requirements in this context:
# 1) privacy
# 2) transition from paper records
# 3) access to information
# 4) incremental steps
# 5) universal availability"

A very good overview of how communities can go about implementing EMRs.

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