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Clear Passage Therapy - taking infertile patients for a ride !

One of the most seductive websites for infertile patients today is the Clear Passage Therapy website, which offers infertile women a “natural” way of getting pregnant. If I were infertile, and if I were not an infertility specialist, I am sure I would get taken for a ride by this site too. Let’s look at their claims a little more closely, and see why they are so useless. The number of things they claim to achieve by simply massaging the pelvic organs is incredible – and amazing. Not only do they claim to cause adhesions to “melt” away by breaking them; they also believe that massage will help to improve ovarian function by reducing FSH levels by improving blood flow.

This is all rubbish ! Let’s look at adhesions first. Adhesions are made of fibrous scar tissue. They form during healing, and once they are formed, the only way of getting rid of them is to remove them surgically. In fact, often this surgery is also not helpful, because these adhesions will reform again. How anyone can even imagine that massage could selectively cause the fibrous scar tissue to “melt away” without also tearing and damaging the normal organs is beyond my imagination ! Similarly, there is no way to increase blood flow to internal organs by simply massaging them ! If one could do so, then doctors could bypass bypass surgery by referring patients with angina and heart attacks for massage therapy, to improve blood flow to the heart as well !

I must admit the Clear Passage owners are very smart – they have cleverly chosen to focus on infertile patients. This is a heterogenous population , and we all know that many patients with unexplained infertility will conceive no matter what you do. Of course, if you happen to treat them with Clear Passage, then you can claim that the pregnancy was a result of your treatment – and this patient then becomes one of your “success stories” ! If you treat enough patients, you will have many successes – often not because of your treatment, but inspite of it ! This is also a clever technique , because it is “hands on”. Patients feel good about it because they feel that something concrete is being done, which they can actually see - and feel ! Moreover, because it is non-surgical and inexpensive, it is also very appealing !

Everyone wants to get into treating infertility – and physical therapists are no exception ! Infertile patients are a highly motivated group, and because treatment is often not covered by insurance, they will pay for these services themselves ( the lucrative “ fee for service” group ). Moreover, it’s easy for infertile patients to identify themselves as being infertile, so they can self-refer themselves. Another benefit is that they are unlikely to have any complications as a result of the treatment. ( Most likely , they will continue to remain infertile even after the massage, but this is hardly a complication !)

What amazes me is why such few doctors have raised objections to these ridiculous claims ! Perhaps most doctors just acknowledge that this is ineffective treatment, and feel that the best option is to ignore it. And if patients choose to waste their money, why should their doctors stop them ?

Cleverly, CPT has now positioned itself as an adjunct to IVF treatment, by claiming that Clear Passage Therapy helps to improve IVF pregnancy rates too ! Patients who are spending thousands of dollars on IVF are quite willing to spend a little more on CPT if it will increase their chances even a little bit ! However, the reasoning is completely incorrect . The so-called medical studies which they tout, which they have published in “ medical journals “ ( an online low impact journal called Medscape General Medicine) are fatally flawed. None of these are prospective randomized studies ! They just compare IVF pregnancy rates in women who did IVF in the past without CPT; and are now doing IVF again after doing CPT. The apparent improvement in pregnancy rates could simply be because they selected a better IVF clinic the second time around – or the doctor modified their treatment, based on the results of the first failed IVF cycle. However, by quoting statistics, they know they have won the battle, because most patients are simply not sophisticated enough to analyse the numbers or even to try to make sense of them. They believe that if they are quoting “ statistics”; and if the studies have been “medical studies” published in “ medical journals” , the stuff must be valid and reliable.

The website is full of clever touches. It is peppered with articles which have appeared in the lay press ( most of which simply repeat the same information ad nauseam, and seem to be based on clever press releases); as well as a dramatic photograph of Mrs Wurm closely scrutinizing a hysterosalpingogram, and stating that her therapy opened a tube which had been blocked ! ( I wonder if the US government approves of Physical Therapists interpreting X-rays ?)

There is no question that “alternative medicine” is becoming increasingly popular in the US. CPT has cleverly got on the bandwagon, and added a new wrinkly by “patenting” their technique of massage, by adding a generous helping of technical terms ( most of which are hocus-pocus) to their description of what they do. I quote, “ site-specific manual soft-tissue therapy improves soft-tissue mobility, elasticity, and distensibility. Theoretically, mobilization of the soft tissue may break collagenous cross-links and adhesions that cause pain and dysfunction, including physician-diagnosed mechanical infertility.” Lots of gobbledygook and jargon, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing !

I must also admire their clever selection of a very evocative name – “Clear Passage” , which suggests that the massage clears the passage of the eggs and sperm through the tube ! I was very intrigued by the fact that they claim to have a patent pending for their technique ( after all, what could be patentable about massage therapy, which has been practiced for centuries all over the world ?) They claim that their “ non-surgical therapy is so unique that we have been granted US patent protection” . I did a search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website website for Wurn or “clear passage” – and came up with – zip ! Are they lying ?

I’d like to quote the Quackwatch website on Massage Therapy. “ Ordinary massage and the legitimate practice of massage therapy can help people feel better. However, many practitioners falsely claim to do much more, and the agencies that oversee the educational and licensing systems display no evidence of concern about this. If the therapist tells you what is wrong with you, the therapist is probably wrong and breaking the law to diagnose ! “
The problem with Clear Passage is that they are using clever marketing tools to take advantage of vulnerable patients. By making them waste time and money , and raising false hopes, they are doing the infertile community a disservice.


  1. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Doctor, thanks for this; someone just posted some Clear Passage propaganda on a support site for women over 40 with high FSH; I responded by providing a link to your excellent discussion of this "therapy."

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM

    There is no way to either proove or disproove a therapy with out significant research and clinical trials. Adhesions can be broken up through manual tissue manipulation. This is a fact, but like so many other western-med thinkers i am also sceptical of internal organ manipulation. i am currently in school for massage therapy and i believe massage is a great preventative measure for many illnesses as well as an amazing tool to utalize for pain control and palliative care. as far as clear passage is concerned, i am definitely on the fence...

  3. Anonymous5:07 AM

    I'm 38 and have a low FSH, but I have blocked tubes. I did come across this Web site, too, but I'm being cautious. From reading your expert advice, I'm better off paying a massage therapist to massage my tummy... Their site does sound too good to be true. What's disturbing is their success rates and all these happy patients.. yet, I've never heard of this therapy.

  4. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I couldn't disagree with you any stronger. This Doctor is so judgemental and biased towards the negative that it is so upsetting I had to post a comment. I am a believer in Clear Passage Therapies! I am a believer in how they treat their patients, how the experience changed my life and how profesional and capable they are. I have a 2 year old daughter and am pregnant now because of the therapy I received at CPT several years ago. I went to 5 differnet IVF doctors in Atlanta because I was a healthy 30 year old with only one tube which was blocked. Once they discovered I had low FSH, I was in a different category and all the clinics suggested drastic measures for me. I was treated differently by the IVF doctors once I wasn't a good candidate for IVF. I was so disapointed by their negative treatment, it was then that I searched for alternative and less intrusive means to improve infertility. I agree that when you are labeled as infertile you can become obsessed with doing anything to become pregnant and there may be many seductive websites that want to take people for "a ride" but Clear Passage Therapies is not one of them. They are incredibly caring people who in my opinion work miracles. I had a hysterosalpingogram that showed that I had a hydrosalpinx. After I went to CPT my HSG showed free spillage of my one existing tube. I went to the Northside Hospital Radiology department to get the x-rays and compare them side by side. It doesn't take a profesional "scrutinizing" to see the difference on an x-ray between a blocked tube and the free spillage of the open tube. Believe what you want, but do not judge by this one doctor's opinion. Do your own research and form your own opinion. I loved my experience at CPT. Of course I am happy because my results were that my tube was unblocked and I became pregnant, twice. Yet I feel I must defend the CPT as a legitimate and alternative way to get pregnant. They are wonderful people trying to help women with their infertility, and it works!

  5. The response this post has aroused is interesting. I guess infertile women ( and infertility specialists) have strong opinions - and we are all entitled to them ! One swallow does not make a summer - and it's not fair to say a therapy "works" because of anecdotal success. Let the buyer beware !
    How is a patient meant to "do their own research and form their own opinion" ? I am glad they are "caring people" - but to say they work "miracles" is taking liberties with the truth !

    1. I have not tried this procedure yet, but Yah willing I will. I cannot wait to disprove your cynical review of a service you never used. What is amazing to me is all these doctors who like to make all these judgments concerning companies that are providing an inexpensive, noninvasive means of healing as being rip off's yet they charge prices so ridiculously high that most people who would make great parents seeking help can't afford your services. You'd rather speak against something that works for less and remove all hope then to just accept that if people are getting results from using their services that there is something to what they are doing. Sometimes, it is as simple as changing your diet, or anointing with oil, or hands on treatment. But perhaps if you were one of these women in need of help because of pain, or infertile you would be able to muster a little more sympathy. The bible says God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise...(1 Cor. 1:27) Most people who consider themselves highly intelligent usually don't get it when something simple works.

    2. Dear Disciple,

      Clear Passage Therapy is extremely expensive. Please find out how much it costs - you'll get sticker shock, especially considering the fact that all they do is deep tissue massage ! They spend most of their money or marketing and advertising , to lure gullible patients.

      I wish it worked. I want all my patients to get pregnant and would be very happy to use any technique which did so . If the technique which worked was cheap, this would be so much better !

      I do want to remove false hope - this can be cruel and unkind. Speaking the plain truth is far kinder !

    3. Expensive compared to what??? The cost if the treatment is about $5,000. How much is a round of IVF treatment? My question to you Dr Malpani is in your professional opinion, do you think they're treatment could have negative side affects?

  6. Anonymous4:08 AM

    you have been brain washed by western medicine! Go back to your indian roots. OM

  7. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Maybe the huge success of Clear Passage is due to the fact that it works? Uh, like duh!

    The fact IS doctor, massage CAN assist in further blood circulation, oxygenation and perhaps even increased fertility as a result.

    As a woman WITH (Tubal Ligation Syndrom), I can tell you I have seen the ex-rays of women like me, who underwent Tubal Ligations and the fact IS that the ovaries Do atrophy with the passage of even only a short amount of time, after this procedure is performed.

    I have serious doubts as to YOUR ability as a doctor, namely, because of your statement that "masssage" does not increase blood flow. The whole idea about the need for and the success of massage is that it DOES increase blood flow and as a result, speeds healing and relief from pain.

    The fact that deep tissue core work would also increase blood flow to internal organs just makes sence.

    So, perhaps you should all consider the fact that much like many other new therapies that were poo poohed at one time, this new therapy of deep tissue core work DOES increase blood flow and as a result, also increases the chance of becoming pregnant.

    As one poster said, there is much more research that is needed before anyone can say this does not work.

    I have read information from the Clear passage web page and it tells the story of how this therapy came to be. The fact is women are becoming pregnant because of this therapy and if this new series of clinics is becoming so very popular, perhaps its because the system works.

    Remember, it wasn't too long ago that doctors laughed off the idea of organ transplants too. So try to keep an open mind. The idea of this new therapy just makes sense to me. And God bless the women and men who are now able to become parents as a result. I bet you THEY have very differant opinions as well!


    Therresa Kennedy

  8. Anonymous6:51 AM

    This doctor sounds like an angry quack. All infertility doctors want people to believe that they have the answers because they get paid a ridiculous amount of money, even when they don't succeed. I think people shouldn't have to pay unless there is a successful pregnancy. I wonder how confident these doctors would be if that was the case?

  9. That's an interesting double standard ! Does Clear Passage provide free treatment if the patient does not get pregnant ? And many IVF clinics do provide a moneyback guarantee for their patients !

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      I have done actual professional research on almost all the IVF clinics in the United States. This involved visiting the offices. I did not find any of them to offer a money back guarantee for their patients. I specifically asked if they did. All replied NO.

      What country or more specifically, which IVF clinics offer a money back guarantee for their patients?? Please answer this question. I am sure many woman undergoing IVF treatment would want to know.

      I am not affiliated with Clear Passage. Just wanted to state the truth that most if not ALL IVF clinics in the united states don't refund patients for unsuccessful treatment. If you know of some, please list their information.

  10. As the Director of Clinical Research for Clear Passage Therapies, I wanted to address some of the issues raised at this blog.

    1. Clear Passage Therapies has conducted and published studies and abstracts in some of the world's most respected medical journals, including
    a. Three studies in MedScape General Medicine, Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health, the peer-reviewed international medical journal owned by WebMD. The Medscape studies show that our therapy statistically increased pregnancy rates and reduced pain.
    b. Three abstracts published in Fertility and Sterility, the highly respected professional journal of US reproductive endocrinologists. These abstracts examined positive results we have seen in three areas, following therapy. These are:
    i. decreasing endometriosis pain
    ii. decreasing intercourse pain and improving sexual function
    iii. returning function to previously blocked fallopian tubes

    2. At the invitation of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), we presented initial findings in the above three areas to their membership of reproductive specialists at their 2006 Annual Meeting. We are presently expanding all of these studies.

    3. Our Medical Director, Richard King, MD, is a research gynecologist and former Chief of Staff of North Florida Regional Medical Center. Several respected MD and PhD scientists help design and guide our research. One study author directs over $10 million of funded research at the US National Institutes of Health (more at the website).

    4. Physicians who saw good results from our work first-hand (in their patients) encouraged us to conduct scientific research. We responded by doing so, despite the significant expense of personal time and resources. To denigrate us for our efforts is a great disservice to us and to the value of scientific inquiry.

    5. As physical therapists, we are healthcare professionals. We take exception to your statement that we claim to perform miracles. While many of patients may feel that way, our therapy is based on the scientific principals of soft tissue manipulation taught in the many Osteopathic Medical Schools that train physicians throughout the United States.

    6. We have worked professionally with physicians for over 30 years, and have specialized in female pelvic dysfunction since 1989, treating physician-referred patients in our US based clinics. In fact, many of our patients are physicians, or healthcare professionals.

    7. We have never claimed to “melt away” adhesions. Our work is based on published science, footnoted with references at Published data has shown that specific physical forces applied to restricted tissues within the body alter connective tissue mobility and length. In our case, the mechanism of adhesion deformation appears to break the bonds between collagenous crosslinks – the building blocks of adhesions. This slow and meticulous process is a physical therapy treatment specific to abdominopelvic and reproductive structures, which we have developed and refined over 15 years of study and inquiry.

    I hope the above helps to explain our work, and to clarify any misconceptions that may have arisen at this blog. Thank you for your consideration in printing this response.

    Larry Wurn
    Director of Clinical Studies
    Clear Passage Therapies

  11. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I just want to let you know that Clear Passage does indeed work. I had 2 prior HSG's and both said my tubes were completely blocked. I am happy to announce that I just a follow up HSG after 20 hrs of therapy and my left tube is completely unblocked. This was truly a miracle for me!!

  12. Anonymous6:49 AM

    Thank you, Dr. I am a licensed massage therapist who happens to be infertile with one adopted child with Cerebral Palsy. We are always on the lookout for CAM therapies for my son and have found success with alternative therapies for him, so I probably am more open-minded than most.

    Tonight, I was doing some massage therapy research online and got excited when I came across Clear Passage's website... excited for myself as well as my son's teacher who is also going through infertility. Now, I know better.

  13. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Hi, I am a 31 year old young lady who learned about 4 years ago that my one of my tubes is blocked and the other one is enlarged. I was told that the only way I would become pregnant was through IVF. I don't have that kind of money to be quite honest with you. I searched the web one day and came across Clear Passages. It peaked my interest because it seemed natural. I called to get some information about the therapy and was provided a detailed DVD along with an informational packet and applicaton. Well, this was more than 6 mos ago. I did complete the application and was happy that they informed me that it appears that I would be a candidate for their services. I was a little disappointed when I came to this site and saw the messages here. I despartely want to have a baby before I am 34. I am a teacher and well, we don't make much money. I am willing to make the sacrifice some how to go through the 20 hour therapy. I saw that there were so people that posted messages here that experienced success with them. I would love to be able to actually speak with someone that experienced results. I live in Atlanta, Ga and since I am off for the summer I am planning to go to Florida. Only someone in this type of position knows what it feels like to hear you can't have a baby and desire to have one so badly. Please post...anyone that has experienced success. I would just like to talk to someone for support. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous11:49 AM

      I am in the same boat as you.. would like to talk to anyone who has hydrosalpinx and had success with CPT. I am 29 and am thinking about this therapy

    2. Anonymous6:31 AM

      I definitely understand. I'm currently 31yo and I'm more than ready to be a mom. I have hydrosalpinx as well and looking into CP. I've been trying natural remedies off and on with no luck. I would love to talk to people going through the same.

  14. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Well, infertility can be a difficult process...I've experienced this process for 5-6 years. I am now at the point when I search on the Internet I look up "infertility scams" - just for the heck of it. I think any treatment should be understood as a possibility, but it is important to recognize who prospers - the patient? the doctor? the treatment center? I wish desperate patients were not seen as a possible business opportunity. Best wishes to all who are infertile.

  15. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Dr. Malpani: I applaud your efforts to point out quack medicine such as Clear Passage. Of course, as you state, most of these Anonymous "it worked for me!!" posts are likely either a) people connected with Clear Passage or b) people who just happened to get pregnant when they tried Clear Passage. As you point out, a certain number of couples will inevitably get pregnant while on this therapy, not due to the therapy, but due to simple statistics. Those people will likely associate the success with the treatment.

    The "studies" put forward by Clear Passage are junk science. There is no comparison between like groups, no control group vs. treatment group; the studies are therefore completely meaningless. They are taking a homogenous group - women who failed their first IVFs - and then record any subsequent pregnancies as clearly due to their treatment! OF COURSE some women who fail their first IVF are going to get pregnant. It has nothing to do with Clear Passage. Above, Clear Passage avoids discussing any of the merits of its "studies."

    Clear Passage is "clearly" a sham and a shameful attempt to cheat desperate infertile couples out of funds. I'm sorry that you got so much flack for pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes.

  16. Anonymous10:48 AM

    As a woman who has been a victim of the quackery of osteopathy, which CPT is basically, I applaud your giving a clear assessment of this new marketing of junk science.

    I would like to share my experience in the hope that it may help other women, who are the most likely to be duped by the solicitous seductions of a marketing campaign like that of Clear Passage.

    Osteopaths are an unscrupulous lot from my experience. Notice on the CPT site that there is no bias or balance, only cries of miracles and weeping women falling all over themselves with babies and orgasms. Then you go to the boards and no one has gotten pregnant, and some are in terrible pain from treatment and taken to the cleaners financially. They are too embarrassed to admit they have been conned and fleeced.

    It was particularly disturbing to read about a woman whose mauling in New York (that office seems to have closed) resulted in her left jaw being numb. Injury to the facial nerve? That runs right by the TMJ along with the trigeminal nerve.

    It could have been worse. She could have ended up with facial weakness, facial palsy, tinnitus even if she did not have it, or if she did, to make it worse.

    In my case, I have occipital neuralgia like a metal claw going into my scalp, TMJ and tinnitus, pain in the ears, and some hyper-accusis from unfortunately seeing an osteopath for a visceral sot tissue treatment, who had been told not to touch my head or neck.

    It was crucial he did not. I'd had skull-base surgery several months before, and this 'doctor' had kept in contact with me by phone and e-mail posing as a concerned caring good Samaritan, even friend.

    I would not have gone to see him, but having made what they call a betrayal bond, I'd mentioned my painful acid reflux. He promised me the moon, and safely. He promised me relief, and described it in writing.

    He lured me in for what he had described by e-mail to me as a harmless visceral massage to relieve possible adhesions to the diaphragm preventing proper motility and causing painful acid reflux.

    He not only whiplashed my head and neck sneaking up from behind after all I had asked to be respected; he struck four hard blows to my TMJ joint area and ground the heel of his hand there as I screamed out in pain, shock and terror.

    The tinnitus was shocking and immediate, starting up with a machine-like roar on the side deafened by an acoustic neuroma. This was also the side he clubbed. I was literally paralyzed with terror to the degree that I was disassociating in shock.

    I deal daily with constant pain, disturbing tinnitus, TMJ, TBI - brain injury as confirmed by SPECT and EEG for literally cudgeling me in the head and giving me a concussion.

    I deal with PTSD trauma affects from what was supposed to be a safe treatment that respected a recent cranial surgery, did not threaten it in any way. He was completely unrepentant.

    He was verbally abusive to me in writing and abused doctor patient privilege so flagrantly he threw it in my face, calling on his cronies to say 'what a nice guy he was' and what a 'dangerous patient' I was. Nice. I had brought him a cake at Christmas. I had trusted him.

    I still have GERD, but have learned through research on my own how to manage it. He did nothing to help, but he did a lot of harm and almost drove me to suicide from grief and shame for having trusted him.

    To argue that 'everything is connected' and to ignore a patient's requests protecting a major surgery, damage them, and then want no responsibility is pathologically insane; but then I have come to associate osteopathy with psychopathy from my experiences with them. Clear Passages practices osteopathic manipulation learned in France.

    So much for all this safe, harmless, natural, gobbledegook bullshit. It's just lies. Unfortunately, if you are a casualty of theirs, they all circle the wagons and try to scapegoat the patient.

    My advice? If a mystery treatment has anything to do with osteopathy, stay away and save your money for more practical use towards your goals.

    This Clear Passage puts out an extremely seductive marketing campaign. I was even considering them for pelvic pain until I read carefully and found out what they were about and the junk science behind their claims. I have no intention of going.

    I loved your spot on comment about PT's not legally supposed to be reading radiography reports relative to that dramatic photograph on the site. That was a keen observation. This is so true. But these people do not play by the rules. Once they have your money and you on the table, it's joker's wild, and the joke can be on you.

    Osteopathy is not harmless. That is a lie. It is not without risks of great harm and imbalance, and they are very deceptive about hiding that and making great 'sound and fury' about what amounts to anecdotal evidence.

    I am a former dancer. I have never moved with the same grace as I did before my experiences with two (2) osteopaths. The battery to my head has caused pituitary dysfunction resulting in a slowed thyroid, and a fifty pound weight gain! They did nothing but harm, created nothing but imbalance which I live with to this day and struggle to treat.

    The first osteopath I went to (for my wrist - but again, they won't just treat your wrist, they have to maul your whole body!) insisted my uterus was bent to the left and he had to to internal manipulations to adjust it or I was going to go into premature menopause. Horrors! What woman wants that? Turns out he always seemed to find this problem in attractive women patients.

    Of course they all babble that everything is connected, even the people at Clear Passage, because they practice osteopathy. He caused me terrible pain and now I have pain with intercourse and pelvic pain where I did not have it before.

    It is interesting that several of the conditions CPT claims to treat can be CAUSED by osteopathic manipulation!

    In-mouth manipulation which they like to do ("It's all connected" BS again) including were they press up on the roof of your mouth has been known to cause grand mal seizures, and certainly great pain - for no good reason. There is no fixing some of the damage they cause - by osteopathic or other means. So, buyer beware.

    Applause and thanks to this doctor and the women who posted other than the hype-up 'testamonials' on the website. Ditto to the boards that allow for honest expression of women patients.

    There is little enough of it, and for the risks you take, in this case financially as well as physically and emotionally, patients deserve balanced feedback, not just marketing that combines snake oil claims with the proclamations of the miracle at Lourdes.

    And just who is the MD they duped/paid into blabbering on YouTube for them?

    At least with normal medicine you can do your research, talk to people, access boards, and can get straight answers. It's not all "Hallelujah Praise the Lord, look how much smarter we are than those dumb medical doctors! And we do it with our bare hands!"

    I wish that I'd had access to such balanced reports when I entrusted myself to osteopathy based on internet snake oil pitches back in 2004.

    You will notice still that there is very little information on negative experiences with or effects of osteopathy and a cult-like pseudo religious push for it and that is unfortunate. It is not science based medicine though they pretend to be.

    Oh, and to the person who suggested the doctor go back to his Indian roots 'Om', that was not only bigoted, but ignorant, as a lot of what became Western medicine was drawn from the ancient Vedic writings that traveled Westward.

    Science based methods show themselves by a rigorous dedication to testing for truth, abandoning that which does not work. Quackery like osteopathic manipulation finds its roots in 19th century occultism/spiritualism/vitalism beliefs and practices. It screams to preserve its 'traditions' and worships its guru founders as it's own reason for being.

  17. Anonymous7:46 AM

    As a massage therapist licensed in two states, I feel my comment is important for two reasons- I have been in extensive communication with CPT and Dr. Malpani. I have suffered from infertility and am almost saved up to go either way Dr Malpani in India or CPT. It is incorrect for the doctor to state that massage does not increase blood flow. It does, to internal and external tissue. Please readers read massage magazine to learn about what massage is capable of accomplshing. Conditions like frozen shoulder are often a result of adhesions from older injuries. Massage treats this wonderfully so there is no reason to believe internal adhesions could not be treated as well. Look at the touch research institute website to learn more about manual therapies. I've seen "almost miracles" in my ten years as a massage therapist. I still haven't decided which way I will go but to all infertile women, pray for me and I'll do the same for you.

  18. Anonymous10:19 PM


    Clear Passage Therapies® Proves That They Can Return Fertility To Women Who Were Told That They Would Never Get Pregnant

    GAINESVILLE, Florida, February 8 – A new study published in “Alternative Therapies In Health and Medicine” (Jan/Feb) reports that blocked fallopian tubes can be opened without surgery, markedly increasing chances for previously infertile women to become pregnant naturally. Authors became curious after a pilot study they published in “Fertility and Sterility” (9/06) showed the therapy opened tubes and returned fertility in women with blocked and swollen tubes (hydrosalpinx).

    The non-invasive treatment, developed by Clear Passage Therapies® (CPT) involves a unique protocol of manual physical therapy techniques that can be completed within one week.

    According to the study, “Treating Fallopian Tube Occlusion with a Manual Pelvic Physical Therapy,” CPT’s non-surgical approach opened tubes in 61% of women with totally blocked fallopian tubes. Without the therapy, their only chance for pregnancy would have been surgery or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Most of the successful participants conceived naturally after the therapy, and some have had second pregnancies. The study is available at

    “I was amazed after therapy to learn that my only tube was open and functional; I became pregnant naturally quite quickly,” said Jennifer Kennedy, a CPT patient. One of her tubes had previously been removed during an emergency appendectomy. Before receiving the therapy, her remaining tube was totally blocked and filled with liquid. She had been refused IVF, due to hormonal factors. “We wanted a family, but I wanted to avoid more surgery, so I tried CPT. We have since been blessed with three beautiful children – naturally,” said Kennedy.

    According to research gynecologist and former Chief of Staff of North Florida Regional Medical Center, Richard King, M.D., “This therapy addresses adhesions, and has shown remarkable results in other areas; it is a natural adjunct to gynecologic care.”

    Larry Wurn, Director of Clinical Research and company CEO founded CPT with his wife, Belinda, a physical therapist of 30 years. In 1987, Belinda developed chronic pain after surgery for pelvic cancer. The work they developed relieved her pain. When they used it on patients, women who were diagnosed infertile began having babies, naturally.

    A surprising side-effect of the work is increased orgasms. In fact, many women have reported improved sexual function, including increased desire and orgasms, and reduced intercourse pain after receiving the therapy, according to two other published medical citations (Fertility & Sterility, Medscape General Medicine).

    “The initial results are very encouraging,” said the Wurns. “Many physicians appreciate that a non-surgical therapy (Wurn Technique™) can help some patients with pain or infertility.”

  19. Clear Passage6:27 AM

    To answer a few of the questions posed here:

    1. Clear Passage Therapies is a network of physical therapy clinics that treat pain and dysfunction. We do not “create miracles” and would never make such a claim.
    2. We have had success treating some types of female infertility. Many of these stories have been featured in medical journals and the US press.
    3. We are committed to independent scientific inquiry, measurement and review. As such, we have published six studies and citations in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the US (Fertility and Sterility, WebMD’s Medscape General Medicine, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine).
    4. Before being published by these journals, our studies had to pass a stringent review process, conducted by independent physician-reviewers. These reviewers found our scientific method and content credible, and the results compelling enough to be published in their journals.
    5. We received a complaint about one of our therapists, two years ago. While that therapist had several remarkable successes, we let her go; she no longer works for us.
    6. By invitation, we have presented our work to several physician groups, and independent fertility support groups (including the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), RESOLVE and INCIID).
    7. About 25% of our patients are healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, physical or occupational therapists, pharmacists, medical researchers, etc).
    8. There is no cost to apply or consult with us. We review each applicant’s history with her over the phone to help us (both) determine whether this therapy may be appropriate for her.
    9. We do not pressure anyone into therapy. We respect each woman’s right to make her own decision regarding her healthcare.
    10. If a woman wants to speak with a prior patient with a similar history and goals, we can often provide her with contact info of someone. In that case, the two women communicate independently (generally by phone).

    Thank you for the opportunity to post to this forum.

    Larry Wurn
    Director of Clinical Studies
    Clear Passage Therapies

  20. husband10:10 PM

    I would be interested in success information concerning the Wurn technique to treat adhesions because proving the success of the Wurn Technique for infertility sounds about as reliable as measuring the success of carbon credits to treat climate change.

    So, I don't really care about the infertility aspect although it would be nice if my wife became pregnant because we have been advised that pregnancy could reduce my wife's adhesion pain.
    So for me, forget the infertility proof and provide adhesion proof.

    My wife has had 5 abdominal surgeries and the most recent was to remove adhesions - her bladder and intestines were all stuck together and she could not hardly use the bathroom. The surgery produced improvements for her bowel movements but the adhesions have come back in full force.

    The clear passage website is compelling to my wife and I because in the adhesion section it claims that Mrs. Wern battled adhesion pain and that for most patients this technique produced, "significant decrease or total elimination of pain after therapy, despite years or decades of debilitating pain."

    My wife stays curled up in bed 4 to 5 days out of the week due to adhesion pain. On a good day we can go for a short walk together but the majority of her days are bad. She was forced to quit her job due to the pain and now for the most part she is confined to bed with no hope of relief. We have seen multiple doctors and all have said there is not much that can be done except pain management and so far pain management just means that she suffers daily.

    So here I am, looking at paying over $5000 for 20 hours of therapy plus whatever it costs to fly and stay in Florida.
    In this state I am the ideal emotionally driven customer. Normally I am a logic driven man but watching my wife in constant pain reduces me to chaff.

    I have a call into our family doctor to review because I know I can't make a clear decision.

  21. Anonymous9:31 PM

    i recently married lady 30yrs.old with this and would like to know if there is a support group in my erea to help me understand what i can do to help her can you help me

  22. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Is there a similar therapy for MEN, or it is just convenient for CPT that this is only for WOMEN?

  23. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Mayan abdominal massage works for both men and women... on this link there is a guide how to perform the massage on yourself;

    I think that money is the number 1 priority for the Wurns... I made the mistake of buying their book "Miracle Moms, Better Sex, Less Pain" which is basically a 690 page long infomercial trying to convince you to pay $5200 for their fertility treatment. Nowhere in their book do they offer advice and instructions how to treat yourself.

    Rosita Arvigo, author of several books on ancient mayan remedies used for thousands of years, on the other hand seems to be guided by wanting to help people. The book "Rainforest Remedies" gives instructions how to carefully massage yourself to relieve the following;

    • painful periods
    • late, early or irregular periods
    • dark, thick blood at onset or end of menstruation
    • abnormal uterine bleeding
    • headache or migraine with menstruation
    • dizziness with menstruation
    • failure to ovulate regularly or not at all
    • PMS
    • chronic miscarriages
    • infertility
    • premature deliveries
    • weak newborn infants
    • difficult pregnancy or delivery
    • varicose veins of the legs
    • hemorrhoids
    • tired, weak legs
    • tingling and numbness in legs and feet
    • low backache
    • sore heels when walking
    • uterine infections
    • vaginitis
    • bladder infections or cystitis
    • difficult menopause

  24. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I have been tried to conceive for nearly three years only to find out horrifying news:that both my tubes are completely obstructed after I'd had an HSG. When I was told this news I couldn't cope. I was told in order to have a baby would be to do IVF and adopt, then the doctor walked out of the room. This is also when I gave up... it was hard for me. I'd always here about my friends and family members getting pregnant and I would always see pregnant woman(it seemed that I saw pregnant woman even more by this time...)

    I heard about massaging the reprodutive pelvic area. I hadn't known about it before. I'm not the one to pay $5200.00 so I thought of my own technique to massage. If you want it badly enough, if you live on limited means, then you'll think of a way to do it yourself if you want it badly enough. How far can your tubes be?? I know the body anatomy because I'm a medical worker. First, I said prayer. I have massaged myself for about 2 months now. I noticed that the fluid that was in my tubes discharged outward from me, yet I continued. This lasted for about 2 weeks. I have not discharged since then and I continue. I noticed that I have more cramping mentrually.. could this be a sign of something because of blood flow than what I experienced before?? I had pain when I first started to massage but I worked with it and now the pain is no longer present.
    You can do it yourself, no special technique. Just lie your hands over your abdominal region and rub. Sweet almond oil helps and use a wool cloth with castor oil with a heat pad.

    Simply complete.

  25. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I have read a lot of the previous comments and something caught my attention. Mr. Wurn names 3 in his above statement what the massage does. On the 3rd one he states that massage helps to "return the function to the previously blocked fallopian tube." Then I read on and another statement said " to help the tubes that were previously blocked function again."
    Do your tubes have to be open but "down" in order to need the massage for they to work again???

  26. Anonymous12:41 AM

    This site is wonderful. I was just about to make reservations to Clear Passage for my father and I. It sounds like a Money Pit with sketchy results. Thanks for Posting your comments, I will seek an alternate route. This site saved me $15,000. Clear Passage should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. There is a reason that studies on the Clear Passage technique have been published in unbiased peer-reviewed medical journals. These include Fertility and Sterility, which is the professional journal of reproductive physicians in the US. Citations also appear in Contemporary Ob/Gyn, the journal of all gynecologists in the US. These studies and citations are only published after peer review by unbiased physicians. Since their publication, they are now housed in the US National Library of Medicine.

    Physicians and scientists at Harvard, Columbia and other fine medical schools praise the work that Clear Passage does, and the scientific approach they take to examining results.

    Dr. Malpani, I call on you as a professional and a scientist to recognize that there is evidenced-based science behind this new therapy. Please stop your unfounded attacks on Clear Passage and remove this blog.

    Thank you very much, sir.

    Larry Wurn
    Director of Clinical Research
    Clear Passage Physical Therapy

  28. Getting a study published in a medical journal does not make it is true ! ( After all, it's been well documented that pharmaceutical companies have paid big bucks to get studies doctored and ghost written and then published in "leading medical journals" ). It's hardly surprising that studies which have been sponsored ( and funded) by Clear Passage will publish positive results and sing praises of their technique !

    Using phrases like " it is housed in the " National Library of Medicine" just means that the Clear Passage people are resorting to bombast to buttress their tall claims. All studies published in indexed medical journals ( no matter how poor their quality) will get indexed in PubMed !)

    Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD
    Malpani Infertility Clinic, Jamuna Sagar, SBS Road, Colaba
    Bombay 400 005. India
    Tel: 91-22-22151065, 22151066, 2218 3270, 65527073

    Helping you to build your family !

    My Facebook page is at

    You can follow me on twitter at!/drmalpani

    Watch our infertility cartoon film at

    Read our book, How to Have a Baby - A Guide for the Infertile Couple,
    online at !

    Read my blog about improving the doctor-patient
    relationship at

  29. Dr. Malpani states in his first post the following- "They claim that their “ non-surgical therapy is so unique that we have been granted US patent protection” . I did a search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website website for Wurn or “clear passage” – and came up with – zip ! Are they lying ?" Funny thing is that I went to the site he provided & found their patents!! Here is what came up:
    Trademarks > Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

    TESS was last updated on Sat Dec 17 04:35:46 EST 2011

    TESS Homepage New User Form Structured Form Search Free Form Search Browse Dictionary Index Search OG Bottom On-line Help
    Please logout when you are done to release system resources allocated for you.
    Record 1 out of 1

    Typed Drawing
    Goods and Services IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Medical services, namely, a therapeutic procedure using physical therapy, massage, or both, for the treatment of pain and dysfunction related to infertility. FIRST USE: 19990623. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19990623
    Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
    Serial Number 75881837
    Filing Date December 28, 1999
    Current Filing Basis 1A
    Original Filing Basis 1A
    Date Amended to Current Register April 12, 2001
    Registration Number 2554230
    Registration Date March 26, 2002
    Owner (REGISTRANT) Wurn, Belinda INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 6840 N.E. 225 Street Melrose FLORIDA 32666

    (REGISTRANT) Wurn, Lawrence J. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 6840 N.E. 225 Street Melrose FLORIDA 32666
    Attorney of Record Christine Q. McLeod
    Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
    Affidavit Text SECT 8 (6-YR).
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    I think Dr. Malpani is just trying to steer people away from alternative methods so he does not lose business!! I just did a round of ivf & think I would rather try this technique rather than going through that again! & I am not affiliated with Clear Passages my name is Jana Powell & I actually live in Kona Hawaii but I am looking into this alternative way to unblock my tubes!

  30. Dear Jana,

    What you found was NOT a patent - it's just a Trademark ! Anyone can trademark anything - that does not make it a legitimate technique !

    I am just trying to make patients aware of their options, so they don't waste a lot of money on false hopes.

    Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD
    Malpani Infertility Clinic, Jamuna Sagar, SBS Road, Colaba
    Bombay 400 005. India
    Tel: 91-22-22151065, 22151066, 2218 3270, 65527073

    Helping you to build your family !

    My Facebook page is at

    You can follow me on twitter at!/drmalpani

    Watch our infertility cartoon film at

    Read our book, How to Have a Baby - A Guide for the Infertile Couple,
    online at !

    Read my blog about improving the doctor-patient
    relationship at

  31. Anonymous11:39 PM

    More recently, I received an email from a woman who actually went to Clear Passage for treatment. She has given her permission to share the following email she sent to me:

    I had had infections years before my going to Clear Passage. For many, many years. From 1997 until 2009. Constant vaginal infections. I have all my records now in my possession that proves all that. Then, in 2009, I had a hysterectomy as one of the ways to try get the pain, bleeding and infections under control. I had had my hysterectomy a year before I went to Clear Passage. After my hysterectomy, the adhesions had reformed terribly and I was hoping to get some relief with the obstructions I was clearly dealing with due to the pain and issues I was having when trying to have BMs. I hadn't had any issue with the infections for over a year at that point. I thought the infections were a thing of the past. So I went to Clear Passage, January 2009. They reamed on my gut and when I got home, the pain I had had BEFORE I went was nothing compared to AFTER I went... and then yes, the infections came back again! I was so discouraged!! So they made my adhesions and my infection issues much worse. I would never recommend this for anyone who has abdominal adhesions! They are dangerous for people who have bowel adhesions.

    This woman also told me that she white-knuckled her way through the excruciating massage, which was performed vaginally as well. She said she believed that if she just suffered through the agony, that she would be helped. Looking back, she now says she cannot believe she endured the sessions. Later, when she called Clear Passage to tell them she is now worse, they did not want to speak with her.

    When adhesions encase the bowel, as in my daughter's case, these thick fibrous bands simply cannot be massaged away. Further, after seeing the manner in which the fallopian tubes were adhered to the pelvic floor in my daughter's photos after the first surgery, it would be ludicrous for anyone to suggest that massage sessions could pull the thick bands from their adhered state, as the tubes were now "one" with the pelvic floor.

    Sufferers of this disorder must be their own best doctor.

  32. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I was recently a patient at Clear Passage, seeking a non-surgical solution for abdominal adhesions that were causing small bowel obstructions which are very painful.
    I went to one of the contractor sites, not the main clinic in Florida.
    While my therapist was very nice, the Wurn Technique did me absolutely no good. The only thing the treatments did for me is to lighten my wallet to the tune of about $8,000.
    It is interesting that CPT publishes no statistics on their success rate with treating abdominal adhesions. However, when one goes to their web site and views all of their slick marketing material and patient "testimonials", you certainly get the impression that the Wurn Technique has great success in treating abdominal adhesions. In my opinion, what CPT is very good at is taking advantage of people who are desperate for relief from adhesions and who very much want to avoid more surgery.
    I encourage anyone suffering from abdominal adhesions to press CPT on what is the success rate and to provide verifiable proof of their claims.
    I discussed CPT with my surgeon and he told me the Wurn Technique would not work. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken his advice, but I was very much trying to avoid undergoing more surgery. Now I have no other choice.

  33. I am so glad I found this site, I was tempted to throw my money away and book the CPT 20 hr session. I have found it hard to find reviews outside of the Clear passage website and also I found it interesting that they state that their therapy is not massage and no other physical therapy has this result. I live in the Uk and the lack of medical opposition to this technique definitely made it appear more attractive. I am glad you have presented the other sided of the argument. consumers can form their own opinions they just need the evidence.

  34. I tried Clear Passage in order to help my painful abdominal/digestive issues as well as to lower my Fsh levels in the hope of treating my infertility. I must say the massage techniques they used were intense, but they made a remarkable difference. My entire midsection used to be hard, tight and painful, but after the sessions, my abdomen was soft and relaxed. What a difference. The technique also helped correct a misalignment, which chiropractors had failed to do. However, I must say the technique did NOTHING for my infertility. In fact, my fsh levels actually went up, not down. So, I would not disregard Clear Passage as being a waste -- it was not, but I would NOT recommend it as a means to lower fsh levels/increase fertility.

  35. Clear Passage Works!

    I can't believe that you wouldn't believe the medical studies done, national magazine articles, and hundreds of patients that confirmed that Clear Passage works.

    Next time do a little research before typing in this rubbish against something that is scientifically proven.

  36. Dear Michael Rock,

    Why would I believe badly performed medical studies, done without a control group ? These studies were sponsored by Clear Passage, and are not trust worthy, sorry !

    As regards your national magazine articles , these magazine are happy to publish any rubbish if you pay them their charges, so these articles hardly constitute "proof" that Clear Passage works.

    I don't see how "hundreds of patients" have confirmed that Clear Passage works. Just stating this repeatedly does not make a falsehood the truth.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time - but patients are smarter than you give them credit for !

  37. Anonymous5:07 PM

    even i think clear passage claims are rubbish and all replies posted in their favour especially anonymous are untrue...i myself am going through problems from infertility but clear passage has given no rationale for their treatment...even though i would love to believe them..neelima

  38. Anonymous7:18 PM

    How i wish i have read the post here 1st before dumping such huge amount of money into the drain.. pls alert more innocent people to stop wasting thier monies in clear passage. Pls look for other treatment rather than cp if you are unsure whether it works for you or not.

  39. I am an Ob/Gyn in general practice. That is to say, infertility treatment is not my specialty. I deliver baby's and perform a number of abdominal surgeries. That being the case, I have no financial interest in seeing one type of infertility treatment being promoted over another. I am simply glad when patients come to my office having conceived. I have quite a bit of experience, (27 years worth), in the operating room. I can tell you with absolute certainty that internal pelvic adhesions cannot ever be removed with external manipulations. The colagen matrix that holds a scar together is many times stronger that the native tissue of intestines and Fallopian tubes. Any forces strong enough to pull apart adhesions would inevitably tear and injure the healthy tissue before breaking up adhesions. The people who run these clinics are predators taking advantage of desperate women.

  40. Anonymous2:02 AM

    I had a pretty bad experience with this "wurn" technique people. The therapists and even the directors. I didnt get treated as i wished for, and with their weird attitudes therapist. I emailed my concerns and complaints but none of them care to take further step to assist. So i wrote my review to share my experience on google as requested by clear passage staff. Well the next thing happened was.. i received an email from the director with part of the email content as follows,
    "I am prepared to give you a 50% refund after you remove your Clear Passage review from all Internet sites and agree to not post again about Clear Passage. Please let me know if this is acceptable, and I will prepare the paperwork and your transfer."
    I copied directly from my email sent by the "founder". I knew the refund is impossible because too many empty promises came from these people. Therefore i didnt accept (in fact i asked for full refund, and after refund only i will remove my review. Guess what then? By the end i was blamed for all the bad experience i had with them). I dont think they are sincere to help patients. By me, Amey.



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