Friday, January 21, 2022

Why we specialise in treating patients who have failed IVF cycles in other clinics.

Patients  who have failed an IVF cycle are very different from those who are doing their first IVF cycle .

When you start your first IVF cycle , you are full of hope and optimism . You know that IVF has a high success rate , and is the one medical treatment which maximizes your chances of having a baby.

Most women start IVF with the expectation that they will get pregnant in the first cycle itself.

After all, if you didn’t secretly believe this, you wouldn't have started in the first place.

 Also, IVF doctors add to this false hope. The doctor you do a consultation with in an IVF clinic is extremely optimistic , because they are in sell mode , and want you to sign up with them for your IVF treatment. That is why they promise you the earth and the moon, and praise themselves and their high success rates.

 This is why you are sure that your first IVF cycle will be your last as well, and you are extremely optimistic that it’s going to work – especially when the doctor tells you that your embryos are "top quality " and is very hopeful at the time of the transfer.

 This is why most first-time IVF patients are poorly informed . They don’t really know what an IVF cycle entails, and are pretty much willing to accept whatever the doctor tells them at face value,

 They fail to do their homework , and get carried away by the misleading claims of 70% success rates that many IVF clinics claim on their websites.

 This is why, when their IVF cycle fails, they go to pieces. They come to their senses because this is their first rude brush with reality . They are extremely angry and unhappy, and will blame the doctor for the failure.

 Also, since most IVF clinics are only interested in maximizing their profits, they would rather spend their time and energy on marketing and attracting patients for their first IVF cycle, rather than talking to those who have failed an IVF cycle.

 Patients who have failed an IVF cycle are very unhappy and angry , and they will vent their ire on the doctor, because they need someone to blame. It’s no fun talking to an angry patient, which is why most doctors will avoid them and refuse to take their calls.

 The patient feels cheated and abandoned , because this is adding insult to injury.

Ironically, high-end brand-name IVF clinics see failure as an opportunity to make even more money.They advise the patient to do a battery of expensive and complex tests - and the patient wonders if these are really necessary, because they have lost faith in the doctor.

After all, if the tests were useful, why didn’t the doctor do them before starting the cycle ? Why did he wait for the cycle to fail before advising them ?

They feel let down and confused.

These are the patients whom we enjoy treating, because it’s only after failure that patients understand the importance of Information Therapy !

They wake up, and start doing their homeworka little late, perhaps, but better late than never !

They then understand what global good practices are – and this allows them to appreciate the difference between an expert doctor , and someone who just makes a lot of tall promises on their website .

These are the patients we are very good at treating, because we're very open and transparent , and take pride in being answerable and accountable to patients, and educating them , so that they know exactly what to expect.

We highlight the importance of doing only blastocyst transfers,  and making sure they have photographs of their embryos, so they can have peace of mind that they've received high quality treatment , no matter what the outcome of the cycle may be. This is when they realise that the reason for their IVF failure was a bad IVF clinic !

 If you’ve been unfortunate and have failed an IVF cycle in another clinic and are not sure what to do next , please reach out to us, and we'll be more than happy to help , because we are a boutique, highly specialised IVF clinic that focuses on dealing with challenging patients who have been let down by other clinics because of poor quality treatment.

 Need help in getting pregnant ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !


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