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Avoid these common mistakes if you are planning to undergo a second IVF cycle if your first cycle failed


If you've been trying for a long time to have a child IVF can help. You go in with your eyes wide open and your expectations high, and you follow your doctor's advice and hope to come out of it with a baby in your arms. When your IVF cycle doesn't work out your hopes are dashed, you don't know what to do next.

If this has been your story, then you need to know that there is still hope. All is not lost. The fact that you didn't have a baby doesn't mean you should give up on having a baby. There is still hope for you.

Why did your IVF cycle not work? It's important to know why it didn't work out.

First of all, you need to know that the chance of getting pregnant after one embryo transfer is only about 40% to 50%."  we need to look at the cumulative pregnancy rate, which is very high after three transfers.

You also need to know why you didn't get pregnant and how to make your second try even better. It's also important to talk to your doctor and find out how likely it is that you will get pregnant after your next cycle.

For your Second IVF Cycle,  keep three things in mind:

1. Is there a medical reason for another IVF cycle?

2. You are mentally and emotionally ready.

3. The financial consequences 

When it comes to IVF, we need to know that repetition is the key to success, so we need to look at the total number of embryo transfers at the end of three embryo transfers.

This is what you should do right away after a cycle doesn't work out for you

Have a long talk with your IVF doctor before you try again with IVF. This will help you figure out why your first cycle didn't work. Before and during the second IVF cycle, it is important to know if the causes are the same, and if they can be fixed. It also helps to know what changes need to be made before and during the second IVF cycle.

There are many things that affect how many IVF cycles you and your partner can have. When we want to transfer embryos again and again, we need a lot of embryos from one egg pick-up. If we have a lot of embryos from a lot of eggs from one IVF cycle, then even one cycle can be enough for you.

So, from a medical point of view, you can have as many IVF cycles as you are mentally and financially prepared for.

If you've made the brave choice to go through with another cycle, it's important to get things right and avoid some of the most common mistakes, like:

- There is nothing wrong with looking up IVF information on the internet. However, you should not spend too much time looking up IVF information on the internet. But obsessing over what Google says about how many Embryos to transfer, how to get pregnant quickly, and so on, isn't going to help. Google can't be a doctor. It can, however, give you information about your health that you don't want to know, which can make you nervous. If you want to have a good IVF treatment, you don't want to be stressed.

- It's never a good idea to stay in bed after having an IVF procedure, but that doesn't mean you can't. You see, when you move around, you give all of your organs a good amount of blood. A good blood supply for the uterus is also important for embryo implantation. It is very important to be physically active after an IVF cycle. The truth is that after a cycle, complete bed rest is not required.

-  Choose a doctor and clinic carefully: If your IVF cycle doesn't work out, you might question the credentials of your doctor and clinic and want to change them. This is fine, but you should pick someone who has the right skills. Choose a doctor who has the right qualifications and experience with infertility. Choose an IVF Clinic, which gives photos of the Embryos to their patients regularly and do only Day 5 (Blastocyst) Transfer.

In the four decades that IVF has been around, science has made huge leaps and bounds in the field. That means that there is nothing that you need to keep an eye on at all. All of IVF is safe, and there is no reason to be afraid. There have been a lot of babies born through IVF all over the world, and they're just like babies born naturally. As long as you don't expect too much and talk with your doctor about what to do after that, you'll be fine!

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