Monday, January 17, 2022

Why I get upset when my patients don't ask questions !


IVF patients often complain that doctors are not willing to answer their questions .

It’s true that many doctors get upset when patients ask too many questions . What’s even worse is that they get even more upset when patients are forced to go to Google to find answers to their questions because the doctor refuses to answer them !

This is why patients often bottle up their questions , or suppress their doubts . They hope that the doctor will do what is required, and treat them properly.

However, I get upset when patients don't ask me questions !

I remind them that I am not a mind reader , and that if you ask me questions , I can answer them . However, if you don't ask me questions , I don't know what you are worrying about , and I will not be able to help you reduce your anxiety levels .

In fact, I ask patients questions during their IVF  treatment all the time,  and I get upset with patients who can't answer them. This means they haven't done their homework , and will most probably have unrealistic expectations of what I can do for them – something that is not good for either me or them.

Asking questions during your IVF treatment - and getting answers from your doctor - reduces your anxiety levels .

The truth is that the outcome of any IVF cycle is going to be uncertain , no matter how well it goes. All we can do is ensure the process itself is a happy and positive one , so that patients have peace of mind that they received high quality medical treatment from a good doctor , who took good care of them.

However, the only way you will know this is if you ask questions , and get answers .

However, don’t expect your doctor to spoonfeed you. You should do your own homework for yourself , so you don’t pepper your doctor with questions that you can easily answer for yourself by doing a search online .

The only stupid question is the one you don't ask , so make a list; try figuring out the answers for yourself from reliable websites; and then ask the doctor the ones that stump you.

It’s important that you spend enough time doing some homework , so you can learn to differentiate between reliable websites and unreliable websites , so you don't get confused by Dr Google , and don't get taken for a ride by bad doctors .

This is why we provide so much information about IVFfor free on our website and our YouTube channel, so that patients can behave as well-informed, partners during their infertility journey and we can help them achieve their goal of completing their family.

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