Thursday, December 23, 2021

Why do doctors transfer dead embryos in an IVF cycle ?

When I see some of the scams that IVF clinics use to extract money from patients by preying on their ignorance and vulnerability, it breaks my heart. 

Some doctors will transfer dead embryos into the uterus, and when the cycle fails ( as it's bound to because dead embryos can't implant !), they lie and tell the patient that they've done everything humanly possible, and that IVF cycle failure is not in the doctor's hands.

While it's true that whether a top quality embryo will implant or not is not in the doctor's hands, whether the embryo the doctor makes in the IVF lab is of good quality or not definitely is !

IVF patients are extremely vulnerable, which is why it's critical that you find a doctor you can trust. However, you must ensure that the doctor earns your trust by being open, transparent, answerable, and accountable so that you are not taken for a ride. If you need assistance interpreting your embryo's photos, you can see what embryos should look like at

So why do IVF doctors continue doing this kind of dirty, shady business ? 

They do so because they know they can get away with it !

They keep their patients ignorant, and they naively believe that once the doctor has done the transfer, he has provided them with the best medical care. That if the cycle fails, this was not because of medical incompetence, but because of their bad luck !

The cruel doctors add insult to injury . Not only do they waste their patient's money, they provide false hope and subject the patients to a huge emotional burden making them go through a pointless horrible two-week waiting period that will be completely futile because the embryo was dead .

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