Tuesday, December 07, 2021

How IVF specialists make the easy process of IVF hard

IVF treatment is surrounded by a lot of mystique because it appears to be a complex process that is expensive , because it involves a lot of injections and visits to the clinic .

The reason for this is partly because of the uncertainty around how IVF is done , and what the outcome is going to be. This creates confusion in the minds of people , and IVF specialists contribute to this by not being transparent . They are not willing to share their knowledge with patients , and it seems that clinics believe that it's in their best interests to make the process as complex and difficult as possible, as this gives them the ability to charge a lot more for it !

The reality is that IVF is a simple process . Yes, there is considerable expertise involved in being able to do it well , but conceptually it is extremely easy to understand , because all we are doing is replicating what is not happening in the bedroom for the infertile couple by creating embryos in the laboratory .

It's simple to break up the process into 4 phases: - superovulation ; egg retrieval ; in vitro fertilization and embryo culture; and finally embryo transfer .

There is absolutely no reason why every patient should not know exactly what is happening during each part of the IVF cycle, and in fact, a treatment plan should be shared in advance, so patients know exactly what to expect.

Good doctors share details of exactly what's happening during the treatment with the patient , so they know what's  going on and how their cycle is progressing. This transparency engenders trust, and because patients feel in control, their anxiety levels drop a lot !

It's partly because doctors want to retain their aura of superior professional expertise , and partly because patients aren't willing to take the time and trouble to apply their intelligence to understand what is happening , that doctors continue to get away with making what is a simple process extremely hard !

This is also why so many IVF doctors get away with doing a large number of very expensive , completely unnecessary tests routinely for all their patients, which don't improve pregnancy rates , but help them make a lot of money ! Sadly, patients don't even understand that they are being taken for a ride !

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