Monday, December 06, 2021

Using fresh donor eggs is dangerous !

Because we know that fresh sperm increases the risk of HIV transmission, it's now normal practise all over the world to utilise only frozen sperm for donor insemination.

Although this is also true for donor eggs, we continue to use fresh eggs from fresh donors. This is, however, utterly inappropriate, especially now that egg freezing technology has advanced so far. When eggs are vitrified in a good facility with an experienced embryologist who has the needed competence, the survival percentage is 100 percent.

To avoid the unintended transmission of HIV/AIDS through IVF, we should ensure that the only eggs used for donor egg IVF are frozen eggs, just as we do with frozen sperm samples.

Not only are frozen eggs safer, but they also have a greater conception rate. It's more safer to use frozen eggs because we know how many there are and can ensure that at least 10 mature eggs will be available for the recipient.

When we use frozen eggs, we don't have to worry about synchronising their cycles, which makes it much easier to match the physical characteristics of the egg donor and the receiver.

The good news is that thanks to the technology of vitrification ( ultra-rapid freezing), in our clinic, the survival rate after thawing frozen embryos is 100%.

Sadly, most IVF clinics don't have expert and experienced embryologists, which is why they are scared to offer this option.

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